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    [PS4] Inglorious recruiting mature, friendly players

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      Are you a mature player who is tired of being lumbered with kids? We feel your pain. I was recently in a max level clan in diamond division. Skill level wise it was a good team, we were winning most clan wars and doing well. Unfortunately the leadership didn't have much of a clue and so a few of the more mature players decided to jump ship.


      Inglorious is a level 4 clan, we haven't participated in any clan wars yet and I imagine most of you have stopped reading at this point. For those of you who are still reading we may well have something to offer you. We're a laid back U.K based community with an average age of over 30.


      We're the sort of players who come home from work and just want to chill out for a while, usually whilst juggling time with the missus or the kids. We have real life responsibilities and so we understand if our members are not able to sink an insane amount of hours in to a video game. With that said, we are levelling the clan up and do intend to take on clan wars at some point in the near future. We're essentially using this as practice for when Advanced Warfare comes out at this point as it's probably a little late in the day to be setting up a Ghosts clan but here we are.


      If you'd like to know more you can visit our website or drop me a friend request on PS4, my gamertag is Strite.


      We're not bothered about K/D or W/L ratio's, about how many clan wars you've won or any of that stuff. We'll play to win of course but we're not going to rage if we lose. If you're looking for a laid back community to kick back with and kill some free time then please feel free to submit an application on our site.


      Thanks for reading,