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    Call of Duty: Ghosts - #CommunityChallenge

      #CommunityChallenge 3 | Point of Contact Chaos Mode - Highest Combo

      Showcase your Cryptid slaying ability with the Extinction Chaos Mode Community Challenge on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network!



      We're looking for the player with the highest combo at the end of a game of Chaos Mode in Point of Contact, the first Extinction map in Call of Duty: Ghosts, and will be rewarding them with downloadable content including a Ghosts Map Pack and three Personalisation Packs of their choice. If you have what it takes, jump online and participate through Friday, September 5th!


      (note: code selection will vary by platform; EU/ NA on Xbox and PlayStation platforms only)


      The Extinction Chaos Mode Community Challenge will run from :


      10AM PDT (2/9) - 10AM PDT (5/9)


      Looking for your local timezone? See the remaining time here.


      How to enter:


      In order to ensure the legitimacy of entries, there are a few simple steps you must follow in order to submit your results.

      1. Write your Twitter username down and have this and a camera at the ready — you’ll need both of these in later steps.
      2. Load up Extinction in Call of Duty: Ghosts and select Solo Match -> Game Modes -> Chaos Mode. Once here, press Start Match to load into Point of Contact.
      3. Once the game has begun, survive for as long as possible - killing Cryptids and picking up weapons or eggs to maintain your combo. At the end of the game, grab your camera and Twitter username from Step 1 and take a picture ensuring your Highest Combo and Twitter username are clearly visible in the picture.
      4. Following this, tweet your picture to @InfinityWard using the hashtag #CommunityChallenge!



      Good luck!