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    Lvl 23 Gold Division Ps3 Clan Now Recruiting

      Name: EliteGaminXpert

      Members: 13


      Leader: Xkon-OBezzy



      - 1.60 kd or higher

      - Know map callouts

      - Active


      Hey guys thanks for taking the time to read my recruitment post

      About us

      EliteGaminXperts been around since bo2, we have won 3 clan wars in ghost and looking to win more. We are very competitive,value winning,and teamwork. I am looking for players that are not only slayers,but also knows how to play obj and switch roles to benefit the team. Recently i have kicked out tons of people so we are starting fresh meaning that if you have friends that would like to join as well the more the better. Also i plan on implements clan practices and clan battles only for clanmembers that like playing competitive cod so its not a requirement. I am also looking for a co leader or a small clan to merge with so if you are interested message me and we can talk.


      If anyone is interested in joining either apply to the clan via the cod app or add me on psn@Xkon-OBezzy