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    I Live For Kills (iLFK) is Looking for Active Players [XB360] [North America]

      I Live For Kills (iLFK) Looking for members who are active during COD: Ghosts Clan Wars on XB360.

      • We would like to see those who are accepted play during all clan wars.
      • The more you are active, The better.
      • We do not have a requirement as to what your K/D is, Just show us that you can bring your best. (My K/D is 0.77 FWIW).
      • We prefer those who are age 16 and older, and have a mic. We will make exceptions on age as appropriate (if you are under 16, show activity and act older than you are, we can work something out).


      A few rules we have,

      1. Be active as much as possible during Clan Wars. We understand there are those who work and have school (I work 50+ hrs/week), making it difficult to play regularly. If you can be on atleast a couple of hours daily, That's all we ask.

      2. If you are not going to be available during clan wars, let us know in advance so we are aware of it.  If you have an emergency, and cannot participate, we have a community page on Google+ and a group page on Facebook you will be able to talk to us in.

      3. Be available when clan wars is not active so we can continue to work together and evolve as a team.

      4. We are here to have fun. We DO NOT MOD, GLITCH or do any other form of cheating. We also try to keep civil with our opponents.


      Look up the clan and apply.  We will want to play a few games with you to see how you play.

      Add me on XBox Live ( Jonny J 771 ) (with spaces). put in the message "Clan Membership" (Quotes not needed) if you want to apply.