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    Favourite SINGLE thing about Extinction?


      This will be a tough one for sure, I think anyway.

      For you personally, what's the SINGLE greatest thing about Extinction as a whole? Maybe it's a class, a weapon, a map, the high relic runs, helping newbies escape, or simply the teamwork involved.


      If you can't think of "the" greatest thing about this game mode, then what's your top 3 or 5?

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          This might seem stupid to some, but everything about the hit detection is perfect in Extinction, if you want your bullet to hit, it will hit (unless a scout goes all spidey on the wall). I just love the satisfaction of a string of hit markers, or a direct 'red' slice across a scout with a knife, or taking out a group of 5 cryptids with a GT, or the small, solid noise as the bullets hit your enemies...


          Seems weird how the hit detection is below average in MP, but in Extinction it is just perfect.

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            I like the concept of building a team that comprises of different members playing different roles.  That brings into play the class, the boosters, the extras too.  Because of the team building concepts, each game experience can differ a bit in terms of what your role is.  To me that makes it fun / interesting.


            The buildables add to it too.  I like the storyline.  And for me, what drove me to Extinction over Multiplayer was the lag / delay in MP.  I don't experience that in extinction ... nothing more frustrating than watching a kill cam that shows an entirely different death experience than what I experienced in-game.  MP is almost unplayable for me due to that.

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                Comparing Extinction to Survival from MW3 (which I also loved): the fact it only had 2 players per game and would always lag a bit (or some times a lot) for one of the two players, was frustrating to say the least. So to go from that to how it is now in Extinction, having 2 more players in a game and there be virtually no lag (except some times you get a few seconds of lag), it's very impressive and amazing to me. So I really do love that, and I couldn't agree more for the lack of lag.

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                For Solo, the accomplishment you get from beating your personal best.


                In Co-Op, its the teamwork. example: last night I looked for lobbies for 15 mins, Finally found one Nightfall, beat it faster than I ever done. I was max prestige and they were 15-18 prestige. I couldn't ever spend my money, I was dropping a grand like it was going out of style. we only missed one challenge (i had completionist already) it was a sniper challenge in the 3rd area.


                I was the booster guy, ran sentries and GT, never upgraded ammo. Nightfall was never easier.

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                  Extinction has the fun of zombies and fixed my issues with zombies! Ending to the game makes it so that it cant last 5-6 hours like a zombie game potentially can. Top leaderboards are actually legit(usually) because glitches don't often affect score. Top leaderboard positions in zombies were usually glitchers. Most importantly the ending.

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                    In no particular order -


                    Changeability of classes

                    Story line

                    After having to pleasure of playing Extinction with some other forum members,  I now find myself enjoying this game mode more

                    (that's only because I can't choose just one thing that stands out, there are too many great features in Extinction)

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                      I like The Reward System.  If you complete the challenge, you can upgrade your player.  If you ignore them, then the game will become harder.

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                        Being able to beat it

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                          Oooh you had to ask didn't you! I don't think I can give you the one, single, definitive, greatest thing that I love about Extinction.

                          I will instead tell you what makes me smile, what keeps me returning game after game. Let me set the scene ladies and gents:


                          It's the final hive on Point of Contact. Everyone preps swiftly for an onslaught of Cryptids. Sentry guns are placed in the water, supplies are dropped and two team mates are playfully fighting over who puts on the electric trap. The drill is planted and the place goes bat sh*t crazy. The sentry guns find targets and they bark into life, evoking memories of the film Aliens. Team mates open fire with a variety of weaponry. Some random (without a mic) envelopes the whole playing area in smoke whilst they camp on a grenade turret. A maxed out Vulture is launched, the sssshk of the incendiary rockets audible somehow above the cacophony of noise occurring. Players go into 'the zone', a cohesive death dealing unit. The occasional laugh punctuates the proceedings as the ragdoll physics cause a Scorpion to backflip high into the air. The random accidentally falls off the map, whilst the rest of the team can't help but laugh before reviving them. A Rhino spawns in the water and is quickly dispatched by a Weapon Specialist using the class upgrade with the Bulldog. More laughter. A smile broadens across the face. This kind of experience is the reason I return and have more time clocked on Extinction than MP hours from Black Ops 2 and Ghosts combined.

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                            Playing with a team that is all about team...there's no better games than when everyone is about team support 1st.

                            These are the games that keep me coming back for more.

                            8 century guns going off on the final hive of poc is a close 2nd......what a glorious sound with my headphone cranked up...ahhhh sweet music...

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                              It works (for the most part) & makes me feel like I didnt waste all of my money on this game because it has a cool concept to it with some good replay value. Its not perfect or better than anything else, but... it works.

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                                Shooting seven shades of s*** out of invading alien scum with 3 good wing men.

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                                  Hearing the excitement of a player escaping for the first time. Hard to choose between that and teamwork. I have seen some games were teamwork was so in tune, it was just incredible. I remember a younger kid escaping for the first time and was so excited. I think we made him late for school, we kept hearing his dad say come on we have to go. He kept saying were almost done, ive never been this far before. When we finally escape, he was SO excited. That kind of joy is priceless.

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                                    I would say the feeling of co operatively working together knowing you do not stand a chance by yourself . The team ethic or spirit as you will is fundamental to most games even if you are a solo player (Exception of idiots here and there). Seems to be much more of it than you got in zombies where most randoms just solo'd.


                                    You don't get that often in multiplayer. In Extinction though you do.

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                                      no matter if your score is bad or good, its roughly an hour to improve your leaderboards and play a single match.


                                      unlike zombies, I stayed 24 hours (including breaks) on solo for buried until round 75 and then I backed out because that's my limit on one game, and got near top 2,500 but after that work it was really great at the time but extinction, its an hour per game im real high on the leader boards when I do my best runs up to my limit!


                                      also, co-op you have not really a negative impact of going down and its easier to revive somebody rather than zombies you got the co-op pretty much solo runs but 3 extra players that's in your way -.-

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                                        Everything, its just a fantastic game

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                                          I really have to say it's that they allow a separate leveling and prestiging from that of mp . From there the ability to choose why type of class that your going to use each with its pros and cons . So with that just doing one map you can change it up with a variety of ways that they try to make it so that you don't get bored with it simply use a relic change a load out and you now have a different set of challenges . I wish they would have incorporated clans somehow into it .. They were able to have zombie clan challenges so I feel this is one spot that they dropped the ball by not having something for clans in extinction.

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                                            Class options - specialist.tank,engineer & medic - being able to choose a style for combat with a general input towards the game

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                                              As much as i like Extinction (not hard really as it's miles better than the MP) i find it boring after you finish a map,i just don't have the energy to play it again straight after.


                                              Things i like:-


                                              1-Classes selection (adds variety and different tactics)

                                              2-Team play (most of the time it takes me over a hour looking in lobbies for decent players)

                                              3-Ranking up is a big thing even after the first 30 levels in which you have everything unlocked but is still good

                                              4-Game doesn't drag too long like say zombies

                                              5-just overall good game but does get stale fast if you don't have breaks between games

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                                                For me...  it was the whole Armoury aspect of the game-  I wanted to get as many upgrades as possible and acquire as many teeth as possible.  After I acquired everything (with 60 teeth remaining still- like many others)


                                                Now, doing solo relic runs is what interests me - I'm not the greatest - but I'm still practicing xD

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                                                  The thing that I actually REALLY love about Extinction though- is that it actually gives you challenges to complete per hive.  It creates a bond between each player- making each of them work together to complete it.


                                                  Survival isn't solely based on your personal skill (although, it is a big part of it)  if you don't have a team that works together, escaping is less likely to happen.

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                                                    That excitement feeling you get when everyone is working hard to complete a challenge, talking together trying to get it done, a second before the challenge is about to finish, and you hear that alert sound of "challenge complete"!


                                                    I always do my best to complete every challenge in every map everytime I play!


                                                    What I dislike:


                                                    screaming kids

                                                    people with no mic

                                                    non team players...

                                                    box hoggers