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    Trinity Rockets Vs Predator Missile

      Trinities are worth 7 kills/points, and sometimes very difficult to aim on site , where as the Predator worth 5 kills or points, seem to have a better aim,  both without Hard Line (thou in MW3 Predator & Black ops 2 Hell Storm missile -at times seem to be "pulling" making it hard to control) do you think Ghosts developers thought the Predator was OP for a 5 Kills/point streak reward?   And as for the pulling factor they upped it in Ghosts to 7 kills/points with an addition extra missile but unlike the Hell Storm in Black Ops 2 deciding to cluster. , In the past we've had Choppers, Dogs, Harriers , Valkyrie Rockets (kinda similar to Trinity) Has the 5 kills/points been bumped up to 7 as CoD players are getting more "flexible"


      What do you feel as OP - a Predator at 5 , or a Trinity Rocket at 7 , take in consideration both chain kill , unlike BO,BO2 gun kill s

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