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    What is your custom avatar?

      As some of you have noticed we now have to the ability to upload 2 custom avatars.


      If you hadn't noticed then click your name in the top right corner, on the drop down menu select "Change Avatar" then scroll to the bottom of the screen. A couple of rules apply:

      • JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP
      • Maximum file size of 2.0 MB
      • Must be "Forum friendly" (if you wouldn't show it to your grandma don't use it)
      • Must adhere to licensing laws


      All custom avatars are subject to moderation before they are approved


      So what is yours and what does it mean?


      Mine is the EU4M duck with headdress. Made during Black Ops as the tomahawk was our weapon of choice.



      This picture was lovingly made for us and then rescaled for forum use by Mac.