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    Why take away some of the best game modes?

      Why did Ghost take away some of the best game modes (demolition, capture, hardpoint).

      All the new one they added take no skill what so ever (this is coming from a player who only plays search and rescue [one of the new game modes]).


      Blitz: a team of 6 rushing with knifes can beat a team who have 3 rushers and 3 people defending.

      How? the 3 people defending definitely won't be able to kill all 6


      SnR: all people use are riot shields (yes I do it to because I have nothing else to do in game, already master prestige, unlocked most gold guns, I am just gonna troll people and hear them rage )


      Reinforce: this game mode is just stupid...


      Cranked: might be the best of all the new game modes, specifically made so people can't camp


      this is all my opinion but I would rather have demolition, CTF, and hardpoint over these 4 game modes any day.