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    Veritas Gaming is Recruiting (Please Read)

      Veritas Gaming was founded in 2010 on Playstation 3, as a place for people who are looking for a structured community, who enjoy a structured play style, and play the objective. We have since grown to a large gaming community with hundreds of members playing multiple major titles on all platforms.



      Veritas Gaming is recruiting for Call of Duty Ghosts on all consoles. Please see below for what we're looking for for each specific console. We require that you are 16 years of age or older, mature, and have a microphone.



      Xbox One: Our North American Battalion has three different types of squads: Competitive squads focusing on GBs and CvC, Pubstomping Squads focusing on Clan Wars, and a Casual Squad for people who are just looking for someone to play with. Our European Battalion is in need of rebuilding. We want to build it up in the style of the North American Battalion, and are looking for people interested in becoming leaders.



      Playstation 3: Our North American Squad is looking to add people to their already strong core of members. We are looking for all types of players, and are willing to expand our rosters. Our European squad is looking for new members to grow the squad.



      Playstation 4: Veritas Gaming has always been the home for Playstation 3 gaming, however Playstation 4 has yet to take off in our Call of Duty Division. We are looking for dedicated members, and willing leaders, to help grow our Call of Duty prescence on PS4 in both North America and Europe.



      Xbox 360 and PC: Veritas Gaming does not currently support squads for Call of Duty on Xbox 360 or PC. This does not mean that we are not willing to support these squads, however we need people that are dedicated to the cause of building squads for those platforms.



      What does membership in Veritas Gaming mean to you? It means a large forum with hundreds of members who use it to communicate, plan games and events, and discuss anything from video games to movies, music, politics, anything. It means a strong community prescence in other games on multiple platforms, such as Battlefield, Leage of Legends, Minecraft, DayZ, Watch Dogs, Rust, etc. It means access to free servers specifically for Veritas Gaming members on TeamSpeak, Minecraft, Battlefield, and Rust.



      Sign up today at vghq.org. Once you're registered, you will recieve an email within 24 hours explaining your next steps for checking in, and squad placement. If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this thread. Or, for a more immediate response, hit us up on Twitter!


      Veritas Gaming - @VeritasGamingHQ

      VG Sav - @VG_Sav

      Or just use the hashtag #VGHQ


      Visit our website: vghq.org


      The Call of Duty Recruitment Staff

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