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    Worst Map on Ghosts?


      Just wanted an opinion as to which map do you think is the worst overall in Ghosts?  This includes original maps and DLC maps.  In my opinion, and I think this is the worst map in the history of CoD, it has to be:




      I just think this map is awful from ever angle.  I can't say I have fun playing it in any mode with the exception of maybe Infected.  What is YOUR least favorite map in Ghosts?

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          Yes it is the worse thing produced as a map. WORSE

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            Worst map?  Free Fall.  The color scheme makes it hard to spot enemy players and the layout gives it an odd flow other than the suicide alleys on both sides.  Very poorly drawn up map.


            Least favorite map?  Tremor.  I consistently get completely pwned on that map despite months of playing it with assorted load-outs and play styles.  In short I simply suck on this map.

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              Freefall, its like a double decker puketowm with disco lights that shakes

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                Freefall is the worst map in the game shortly followed by any of the larger maps not named 'Stonehaven'.

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                  Actually Tremor can be quite fun providing you stay..and I mean stay in one area.  If you are playing TDM or FFA, hold down the burning building using a good smg or shotgun.  Dead silence and amplified is great here too because you can learn what entry the enemy is using by sound.  Once I found this, I normally do very well on this map.  I never venture outside that area unless I spawn away from it....If I do, I go right back.

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                    Chasm and Siege are pretty bad "large" maps....Whiteout and Stonehaven can be fun.

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                      Worst map, Freefall by far, just a visual disaster and organizational mess with no flow. This is closely followed by Ignition (ADS contest by the crawler?), as they took the original Scrapyard and made it huge turned it into a contest of who is best with a Thermal scope.


                      I agree with you Stonehaven and Whiteout can be fun if people are moving. But against full parties it becomes a snipe or LMG fest at the usual spots to the point where it's not possible to spawn without getting shot.

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                        Freefall is absolutely the worst.  It's like a bad acid trip funhouse.  I usually bail out when it happens, unlike an acid trip.

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                          The three I hate are

                          1. Freefall is to confusing and you get hung up on all the junk laying around.

                          2. Sovereign feels like a maze and I always get flanked

                          3. Seige looks cool but it just sucks.

                          Stonehaven is a great domination map but a horrible team deathmatch map.

                          Pretty much like the other maps but slowly not  liking Bayview. You end up getting stuck in the middle

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