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    Multiplayer Is Not Working, But Zombies Is.


      We recently upgraded to Xplornet's 5Mb plan on 4G. Now, people will say "5 meg isn't good." However, it is fine for online gaming, and that's a fact. I play without lag on every other game. Battlefield 4, Modern Warfare 2 and 3, and even Ghosts. My brother also frequents Black Ops 1. However, he also cannot play Black Ops 2's multiplayer, but can play Zombies. We both have PS3s and live in the same house. When we had the 1.5Mb plan, we got into lobbies all the time. We lagged a lot, sure. However, we can't get into any lobbies. Not a single one.


      What I have tried;

      Port forwarding (with the ports from Free Help Forwarding Ports - PortForward.com)

      UPnP is enabled

      DMZing my PS3 (just to be certain, you know?)

      Rebooting my router, PS3, and modem

      QOS settings (with my PS3 on highest priority)


      My Router is a Netgear R6100. Keep in mind that we could play Ghosts, Black Ops 1&2, MW2&3, Battlefield, and whatever else on our old plan (albeit, it was laggy probably ~70% of the time). I'm not sure why upgrading would make Black Ops 2's multiplayer inaccessible. I don't understand what's going on. I am also running a wired connection. If there is anything anybody could do to aid me, I would be quite grateful, as would my younger brother.


      Thanks for reading.