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    Error in League Play

      Hi I have recently been playing League Play and I noticed when i went to the Perk Blind Eye, It says " Undetectable by Al controlled air support." I think there is a Spelling mistake. I think it should be "All" not "Al". Thank you

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          Re: Error in League Play

          Actually, I'm pretty sure it's an i, not an L.. "AI" stands for Air Interdiction, when discussing air attacks in the military.. AI is more of a helping hand to kind of slow our enemies down in aiding our ground troops, vs an air campaign where we try and win the whole battle/fight by using air strikes alone to win..


          Good catch though.. I never noticed that.. It's the same way in public match create-a-class as well.. I always assumed it said All.. But it does make sense to be A i, because the Blind Eye perk doesn't protect you from player controlled air attacks- dragonfire, Vtol, Lstar..

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