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    Fazed and Dazed new very active clan on PS4

      24members so far all on ps4 that are all VERY ACTIVE!!! We want players that play any game mode during clan wars, no extinction, gun game, infected etc. & that are very active during CW as well. People that like to party up (no lone wolf). Must have KD at or around clan KD 1.21 & decent win%. & I can't stress enough be active during CW, We all are & trust me we gona rap3 during our 1st CW.  3 days & we're lvl 8,  We should be in platinum as we're all active & came from DD clan. Please be serious & meet the few requirements I've listed. Look us up & Lmk if interested Fazed and Dazed  only looking to add 5 or so more members my PSN is whiskey_49