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    Default a secondary knife or even nothing


      I rarely use a secondary in this game. By rarely I mean I rarely use it on the few classes I even equip a secondary. It's been this way for a while now. However, I do find a secondary useful for one reason; running around. The extra mobility that a secondary offers is great for getting where you need to be at the start. I wouldn't equip a gun but I did use the default knife option. I could sprint to where I wanted to be, post up, and start picking guys off.


      You can't do that in Ghosts and it really stresses me out as I can't ever get where I need to be at the start and I feel like I'm playing catch up for the first few moments of the match. Ever point counts in Ghosts and I see no reason why I can't store my gun on my back to allow for increased movement. Instead, when sniping I'm hobbling around and God forbid I use an LMG.


      I feel obligated to equip a secondary weapon to avoid this. The reason I forgo the secondary option is for the extra point. I will hardly ever use it outside of the mobility buff. Once I get to where I need to be at the start of the match I put it away and never look to bring it back out unless I need to make another journey. A single point perks like Takedown or Resilience is far more useful and I get more out of it.


      So why not allow a secondary default so you can switch to something. I suggest a knife like in Black Ops II but there's no way the community will be ok with that. My next suggestion is equipping nothing. Sling your gun on your back and take off in a sprint. It's a risk/reward that favors an attacker so why not give it a go. It would also bring value to Reflex which is pretty much useless since most have the same thoughts as I do on secondary weapons and don't use them.

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          this is usually whats on my back as a secondary

          Kastet Menu Icon CoDG


          but having something as opposed to nothing would be better.

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            I'm pretty sure in IW games that your run speed is determined by an average effect of what your primary and your secondary is. So not having one makes you faster than having one.  I've noticed that when I switch to a secondary my characters arms move faster but I believe that I'm not actually traversing any faster.  I don't seem to be able to travel any further with my secondary in hand.  In 3arch games, however, what you have in your hand does determine your run speed.  That's why switching to the knife was such a benefit for getting across the map.  IWs way is more realistic but I preferred the 3arch way as well.

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              Agree 100% with this , I should be able to switch from primary weapon to the knife if I have not selected a secondary It simply makes sense .

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                Again, to me BO2 got so many things right when it came to Create a Class. One was equipping you with a Combat knife if you chose to forgo a secondary.


                Just makes sense, you have one anyways.

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                  It's primarily a balancing issue with this game.  Back in black ops 2 the combat knife gave you a 50% boost to sprinting duration and stabbed about 50% faster than just using a knife with a weapon equipped. In ghosts, unless you have unlocked the gold knife the default combat knife only moves at 100% of the base speed and kills in the same amount of time as just stabbing someone with a weapon equipped. So it wouldn't be benificial to you to have one in your secondary slot because you could just hit the melee button faster than stabbing somebody. 



                  The secondary weapons are not as strong as they were in black ops 2 either.  So, not having anything in your secondary slot adds a little value to them and makes them more appealing to spend one of your 12 slots on rather than a second perk.  Having a pistol in your second slot allows you to have something to swap to for faster movement, let's you switch weapons to reload cancel and carries the added benifits of having the handgun in addition to your primary. 



                  This is why unlike a lot of players if I am not running overkill I have a pistol on my class. Pistols can get you out of a lot of jams if your primary runs dry and another player is coming your way.  A lot of times  even if I am running an AR or SMG I'll swap to my handgun if I am going into very close range. I can complete with it and it let's me conserve some of the ammo from my primary for a more difficult fight.  Finally, I can always swap it out if something better is laying around. I fully understand why many players don't carry a secondary, but for me I feel vulernable without one. If you really want a knife in your secondary slot you can equip the gold knife there if you are prestige 5 or higher through overkill. But that is a little over priced.

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                    This post is basically exactly what I've been wondering for the past few months. It's frustrating having to lug around the heavy weaponry if you choose to not take a secondary.

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                      idk if this here can change something, but absolutely support this idea, as i thought the same since start!