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    Is Blitz Dead?

      Hey have you guys noticed that everyday blitz only have about 600-700 people playing that gamemode? I was wondering why don't people enjoy playing blitz? Is it because of tryhards? spawntrapping? or you guys just don't like it? Personally i love blitz it is my favorite gamemode in Ghost.

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          Re: Is Blitz Dead?

          spawn trapping, kem hunting, pretty much anything you can name besides playing the objective that makes the mode fail.

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              Re: Is Blitz Dead?

              idd i feel the same.

              people just go there to play everything but the objective. at the beginning everybody just played blitz for easy kem's.

              i like it and it's awesome to watch but it would be way more awesome if they would of made a combination with crancked and blitz. where you need to move and get kills or caps else you would die.

              i really think activision did bad on the maps and gamemodes. i loved hq and demo and a lot of people played it.

              but now they have gamemodes that are just stupid imo. i have played hunted 1 time and it's doesn't make sense at all.

              then i can count the games of blitz i've played with one hand. then there's dropzone who rewards players for just sitting in one area and gives them killstreaks that they did not earn. haven't even played that. at mw2 people would just javelin and grenade c4 the sh*t out of it and it was boring as hell.

              imo they should make gamemodes that reward playing the objective.

              would of loved league play on ghosts.

              hope the next cod had better maps and more and or better gamemodes.

              this year i have only played domination. which i love but playing the same 4 maps and gamemode all the time is boring.

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              Re: Is Blitz Dead?

              Welp since I saw this thread better work on the patches than. =w=

              Before they take it off like hunted that I never finishhed. I needed one more win to complete the set.

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                Re: Is Blitz Dead?

                If you try to play around 12:30 to 1:00am CST your 600-700 will drop to as low as 300-350.  I have literally sat in a lobby for 18 minutes waiting for a game (granted I did get two games in that time but as soon as the Free Fall map got chosen, twice, people left the lobby and the wait started again). I like Blitz but the exploiting of the game dynamics have ruined it for those of us who liked to play it the way it was meant.  That’s why I wait so late because I’m hoping that the number of spawn trapping A-holes has dropped off by then.  Sometimes it has, sometimes not. 


                Got dropped into a game once that was 1-0 so I thought “Oh, this ones just starting”.  Got killed immediately on spawning in. Re-spawned…killed again, then…again. Didn’t immediately re-spawn after that so I could try and process what was happening and heard the in game announcer say, “Times almost up”.  Looked a the timer and it was on it’s 30 second countdown.  Realized that the team I was joining in with had been caught in a spawn killing for pretty much the entire game and the spawn trappers only went for the enemy portal once just to secure the point to win.  That’s type of crap is that has killed the game mode.


                On the flip side, one night I waited for several minutes to get a game and after the first game (ended 16-14) everybody in the lobby was begging everybody else to stay because we were all playing it straight up and everybody was having fun.  That lobby held together for 9 (very intense) games and all 9 games were decided by 3 points or less.  Best Blitz playing I’d had in weeks or since then.


                I think a lot of the problem could be solved if every time someone went thru a portal it would physically move and add some guesswork and blind luck to the game…think Drop Zone without care packages.  Sometimes you may have to turn and run halfway back to where you just came from to get the portal or maybe it would appear right in front of you.  Also if they would make it a non K/D mode and make XP directly related to portal captures.  That would surely help solve the spawn trapping issues but would probably create some others like the “Hey, you just took my portal capture A**hole” sort of thing.

                But I think Ghosts is too far from its inception now for them to make a major overhaul like that. 

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                  Re: Is Blitz Dead?

                  Blitz is broken is so many ways as mentioned above. Trapping in Blitz is a huge problem as it was with CTF. More frustrating for me is the insta cap. You can die and still get a goal which to me is BS. There are a few changes that need to be made to Blitz for it to be a fun game.

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                    Re: Is Blitz Dead?

                    It is to me now. After reading this discussion yesterday, I decided to play Blitz for the hell of it. Most of my team left before the end, and it was just me and an other player being slaughtered by spawn trappers. I gave up trying anymore and set the controller down and waited for it to be over.

                    It'll be interesting to see what IW will do with that game.

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                      Re: Is Blitz Dead?

                      Blitz is like 90% spawn trapping & kem junkies, and 10% obj.

                      Repeatedly being put into losing games, playing solo is a disaster.

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