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    Unfair VAC Ban

      OK so i have a friend who has let me game share Cod Ghosts on PC for about 4 months. I have played about 8 hours or so and this one time during the free weekend I ran into a hacked/modded lobby which really ****** up my stats. then after that i didn't play much at all. on Thursday(6/26/2014) i went into the game and then this happened. ( http://puu.sh/9OLsq/bd44b46813.jpg )

      at first i was confused because idk why i was VAC banned and i never hacked. so i went to my profile(http://steamcommunity.com/id/TheUnknownNemesis ) and i saw i had no VAC ban. then i went to SteamREP and VACbanned.com and saw i had a vac ban. this does not make any sense. after researching it seems to me that i was not the only one with the bans. alot of other people on steam complained that they had this error as well. the bans are from IW and they put the wrong ban message and made it look like it was a VAC ban when it wasn't. also anyway i can be unbanned from the game because this ban is unfair because i ran into a hacked xp lobby which caused my stats to become ****** up and that is most likely the reason for a ban.

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