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    DLC problem with free-for-all

      So I download a DLC pack for my Xbox 360 version of MW3 thinking "oh kool, new maps to play." Wish I hadn't now. I can't get free for all to load at all because it's saying there's no games found and no players matched. I know you can disable the DLC on PC as I've seen another user having the same problems except on the PC. So is there anyway to do this on the 360? Will be mightily pissed if I can't play FFA anymore because of this.


      EDIT - Solved this problem by pressing -Select- on the screen before you choose the type of match you want to play


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          We're glad you were able to resolve your issue. Yes you are correct, you are able to disable the DLC before searching for a match. If you have another support related issue in the future, please feel free to reach out and let us know!




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