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    SIte / Xbox CoD Ghosts Clan issues.

      As soon as I signed up on this site my CoD account on Xbox 360 says im not in a clan (of which i was the leader) and in my place is a character that says confidential and has no stats attached to it. the app says the same thing and the barracks asks me if i want to join a clan but the other lt commanders in my clan can not invite me back to my clan. WTF is going on!!!

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          Contact Activision Support and open a case, this is something they have to deal with and should probably be brought to their direct attention.

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            Hazarding a guess here but do you have any other CoD accounts or email address? I did some research on the issue, and from what I know about this, it may be possible that you have another CoD account where you may have attached your console account to by mistake. Mainly, clan details are saved in CoD account and say for example, you accidentally unlinked your Xbox account from it, you may encounter some issues relating to your clan. I would suggest you relink back your Xbox account to the correct email since I found some steps where this worked out for similar concerns. Hope this helps out.

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              Have you recently added the aw preorder code? if you remember the original email and password that you have associated with you cod ghost account , that is what you need to enter at the my profile section of the app and then relink it.  If you changed it that is what cause you to become unlinked from you cod account and made you show up as classified. If you put in the original information and relink you should get your stuff back and no longer be classified .

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                I agree with @Crinkzkull08 and @OUHATEME. It's important to make sure that your gamertag or gaming profile is link to your COD account with the correct email. Because all Clan Wars-related information and also entitlements attaches to your email not to your gamertag.