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    My stats got reset?


      I noticed the other day my stats on both multiplayer  and extinction modes were completely reset. I'm completely upset by this as I'm not a hacker, don't cheat (as my K/D is a 0.94) and never have done anything bad on the game. How can I fix this?


      Eric Charnock (PS3 username: pariah_of_all)

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          Re: My stats got reset?

          pariahxofxall - Got my stats reset a while back. I figured this happened cause I got into a hacked lobby by accident. I think a reset would happen cause your stats were all messed up. If your stats got messed up and got reset recently, then it means that it's been cleared out of the damage. As far as I know, they'll try to fix your stats or put you back into a level before this happened but if there's no way to put you back to the previous rank, then a full reset will apply. I know it's total bummer but I guess I can work on my KD and the positive side would be, a better KD ratio. Got myself ranked up from 0.76 KD to 1.6 KD.

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            Re: My stats got reset?

            Hi pariahxofxall,


            If your stats got reset, please have a time to read through this article: Activision Support (My Call of Duty: Ghosts Stats Have Been Reset). That article will give info about why your stats got reset.


            Hope this helps. Thanks.

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