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    Three new Gamemode ideas

      Team Gun Game: Two 4 man teams, playing a basic gun game


      , however in order to win all members of your team have to get the throwing knife kill


      , if you reach the score limit before your teammates you can go around demoting the enemies,


      but beware because if you get knifed, you will have to start all over right from the beginning, first team to have all 4 members maxed  wins



      Seige:  4 rounds, sides switch each round,  6v6

      basically there is one hardpoint that one team spawns in  and the other team spawn around

      the team who spawns in the hardpoint have 1 life and their job is to hold this hardpoint down for 2 minutes

      the other team have unlimited lives and their jobs is to eliminate each member of the other team 

      first one to win 4 rounds win



      Control: Similar to seige except  instead of a clock counting down the clock is counting up


      2 rounds,  which ever team holds the hardpoint the longest wins the match

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          Re: Three new Gamemode ideas

          Interesting game mode ideas - id play them for sure.

          Don't know about the rest of the community and Ghosts is probably not the platform to experiment on as the low playercount won't give accurate measures of takeup etc.

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            Re: Three new Gamemode ideas

            what do you guys think of the gamemodes

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                Re: Three new Gamemode ideas

                One of these modes is a little too similar to Rush from Battlefield. As for team Gun Game, it wouldn't work well. If you had just one guy that was a complete and total noob you would be destined to lose.


                The only game modes we need back are the old ones that were removed. Demo, HQ, CTF, Hardpoint, Team Defender, etc. I think Infinity Ward FINALLY needs to realize that they are incapable of creating any new mode that is successful. Blitz and Cranked are just TDM and CTF given a half-assed unnecessary makeover, and Heavy Duty and Reinforce are just mediocre and not fun one bit.

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                Re: Three new Gamemode ideas

                Team Gun Game ... I'd go hide (i.e. camp) once I was maxed out and wait for my teammates to do the same.


                Seige ... that might work. Takes the guess work out of whether or not camping is okay since one team is required to camp.


                Control ... I like the idea of a measure of how long the point is held. This is not a far cry from Domination. I think you'd have to count up on points, though, not time, per se. The reason is that you still have to limit the timer in COD.

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