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    Looking for Active Ps3 clan

      Looking for active skilled ps3 clan, mainly looking for a clan that plays SnD and Dom but perfectly adequate in other game modes (TDM , KC , Hardcore modes , Blitz, Cranked). I have 2 accounts, looking for a clan on my second account which i play the most. My first account is in a clan with RL friends don't wanna leave that but they are inactive atm. My KD is 2.80+ on both accounts with over a 6.0 Win ratio. I don't dashboard or back out of games that are out of hand, I stay and take my loss like a man and I'm looking for a clan that does the same. If interested hit me up on any of these platforms..


      Twitter @Mikelovebx

      IG @Mikelovebx

      Kik @Mikelovebx



      PSN Mikelovebx