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    Final DLC teeth upgrade ideas?


      Akimbo primary weapons = 100 teeth.

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          • Unlock 4 Lockers - 200 teeth
          • Call in an AC130 instead of Chopper $ 8000 - 100 teeth
          • Flame-thrower upgrade under-barrel - 75 teeth                 - have a timer required
          • Carry a Hypno a Scout item - 100 teeth                          - have a timer required
          • Craft a big explosion with propane tanks - 100 teeth         - number of propane tanks needed
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            . Take less damage from traps - 50 teeth

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              50 Teeth- Start with $2500 or more

              50 Teeth- Venom X can hold 2X as much ammo

              or for that matter

              50 Teeth- Max weapon ammo increased by 20%

              40 Teeth- Start with a Hypno Knife

              100 Teeth- Take 1/2 the amount of damage from enemies

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                  Take half damage? Howabout 5% less. That's a little less OP. We want the last map to be challenging at least.

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                      I agree- half damage is pretty ridiculous in all honesty.


                      Start with money? hmm-  maybe not as 2500$ much but I can see that being implemented

                      Possibly ....  500$?.
                      Venom X Ammo?  1 extra clip is well enough.

                      Max ammo capacity? well that- shouldn't be an armory upgrade but

                      an attachment (which many others have suggested on the forums)

                      but an extended mag attachment.

                      Start with a hypno knife? No-   I feel that that would be too overpowered- considering if each person had Hypno-a-rhino.

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                    Still too bitter about the last armory upgrades to bother making any suggestions...what we will probably get:

                    Shiny button = 1 tooth

                    Ability to run backwards faster = 1/2 tooth

                    Satchel to carry all my unused teeth = 2 teeth

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                        Whats wrong with the IMS ones? Or the valid attachments one? I thought they were great.

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                            turrets fire flames out at max level

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                              I don't think it's there is anything wrong with them, they were just very cheap. For me personally I agree that the IMS trigger + Flaming pool + Transfer Attachments = brilliant. However, they were extremely cheap.

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                                  You are correct, my only real complaint is that they were too cheap, but I didn't make that very clear and kind of bashed everything ...a little bitter I guess.  The only meaningless one was ACOG on a magnum..but even that was fun for a round or 2 and although useless..looks cool...just bummed I farmed teeth like there was no tomorrow for weeks on end and then had nothing to do with them.  If they would have had the same upgrades at 10X the price I would have no complaints. 

                                  side note:  Could still use some help with that 8 (or 9)-relic run, I see you on but always figure your probably busy trying to set a WR or something  .  Let me know if you're bored...

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                                      I honestly would have been very pissed off if the Magnum ACOG one was more expensive than it is lol. Though, to be fair I have ound it very useful a few times in solo mode when doing relic runs. I seem to be able to have better accuracy from a greater distance that way (think of the 75% accuracy challenge on POC, I have a sentry gun out for that, so it's tough to get that first shot because the sentry kills them fast, so shooting them witht he ACOG on is hugely advantageous).



                                      If you see me on, just send me a message asking if I can help. I never try set world records haha. No way that good. I rarely do relic runs, I just play to have a laugh and escape, but obviously I will help you do a relic run. I will be on again in about 20mins if you're on then.

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                                  lolz... my thoughts exactly

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                                  What i'd like but wont be in:-

                                  Start with extra money "$6000"- 15 teeth

                                  Start with random gun with max ammo (excluding super weapons just normal ones)- 15 teeth

                                  Escort drone equipped w/protection barrier from scorpion gas for player (similar to trophy system/nightowl)-20 teeth

                                  IMS upgrade so that you can deploy 2 at once (similar to sentry guns)-20 teeth

                                  Venom x ammo upgrade. carry double the ammo supply-40 teeth

                                  Ammo upgrade.when recieving ammo you get 10% more-40 teeth

                                  Traps no longer hurt you-20 teeth

                                  Last stand-create big explosion every down,has cool down period (kills everything within radius including rhino's) -50 teeth

                                  Start with 2x hypno knifes-40 teeth

                                  Low health protection.when health below 15% your health takes longer to go down-60 teeth

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                                    5 teeth - increased chance of finding intel in search boxes.


                                    ive played Mayday so many times and i have yet to find an intel in the search boxes (i already found all of the standard ones on the map).

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                                      Guns shoot bees instead of bullets = 500 teeth


                                      Replace combat knife with police brutality baton = 1000 teeth

                                      (Cripples cryptids with first hit)


                                      Redistribute skill points (once per game)= 180 teeth

                                      this would be great for if someone was stealing WiFi from the McDonald's down the block and timed out half way through the game.

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                                        Use a second class/team support/strike package/equalizer/ammo type as a replacement for another load out item - 50 teeth

                                        Regenerate ammo when near box (like with +4 for regular ammo) - 15 teeth

                                        Regenerate armor when not taking damage, similar to health regeneration  - 15 teeth

                                        2x tactical weapon slots (i.e. 2 flares when scavenged, 4 sticky flares when built) - 10 teeth

                                        Pistols always fire rounds that pierce armor, even with other special ammo equipped - 20 teeth

                                        25% increase on fire damage per hit includes incendiary ammo, traps, IMS upgrade, and +4 GT - 20 teeth

                                        25% increase on electric damage includes traps and stun ammo - 10 teeth

                                        With stun armor equipped, rhinos take some damage from hitting you and you take more hits from them - 10 teeth

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                                          I really hope we get 10 upgrades this time instead of 5. Considering that this might possible be the last time that they give us new upgrades.


                                          I think that the ten that I would like to see would be as follows.


                                          1. High Grade Stun Ammo - 5 teeth

                                          2. High Grade Explosive Ammo - 5 teeth

                                          3. Flaming Knife (Every time you knife an enemy it catches fire) - 20 teeth

                                          4. Vuture gets Armor Piercing Bullets - 10 teeth

                                          5. Can call in two vultures instead of just one - 20Teeth

                                          6. Carry two tatical items - 20 teeth

                                          7. Start with a random tactical item - 40 teeth

                                          8. Hypno Knife Mammoths and Gargoyles - 50 teeth

                                          9. Take less 5% less damage from traps - 10 teeth

                                          10. Take 5% less damage from aliens - 10 teeth

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                                              Two vultures would be too over powered. Personally, I'm fine with the vulture how it is, except maybe what you suggested and AP bullets, or simply let it last 15-20 seconds longer. That could make a huge difference in itself.


                                              Flaming Knife does sound great though, and I'm sure they could 'easily' make that one possible.


                                              Carrying two tacticals (of the same type) would certainly be fantastic, and has been suggested many times before. Possibly a little more teeth than that though, 25-30.


                                              I have said #9 too, but I don't think 5% would be enough. As it stands, a fire trap will take about half health, maybe only a third so 5% would not be much at all, you wouldn't even notice the difference. 15-20% would be much better and would indeed help.

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                                              Back Pack for the drill - 25 teeth

                                              Not sure about you, but it's annoying having to go back and grab the drill when you have a sentry gun or GT/PT. So being able to shove the drill in your back pack AND carry yor sentry/gt/pt would be amazing, especially in solo.

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                                                  This would be awesome. Would you also be able to search boxes and pick up items? Only downside I see is the drill will get stuck in the backpack by some random glitch where you would have to bleed out to get the drill back.

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                                                      I guess you would be able to search whilst carrying, since your hands would be free, so I see no reason why not.

                                                      The glitch already exists [obviously] for carrying the drill regularly, so the risk would be there either way, but I do understand you may not be meaning a lag glitch for when it happens. Hopefully if they do this, they could work out any kinks that COULD cause such a glitch to happen.




                                                      Just to add as well, to my original post above. You wouldn't need to do anything 'special/different' with the drill to place it in the back pack, you'd simply pick it up and it'd do it automatically if you have this upgrade active.

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                                                    Engineer upgrade level 2. When stasis is deployed 4 flash bangs drop and temporarily stuns all cryptids = 1 tooth (must have previous upgrade)


                                                    Tank upgrade level 2. Tank ability now draws all cryptids on map = 1 tooth (must have previous upgrade)


                                                    This could make tank and engineer upgrades worth the cost.

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                                                      Hold up to 2 tactical items (flare, hypno knife, trophy, etc.)


                                                      Flares last longer


                                                      Immune to traps


                                                      Start with a random item


                                                      Called in helicopters last longer


                                                      Convert special ammo to the most recently picked up version.



                                                      * I see that some of these have already been suggested, but I'll just leave them to reiterate that they're good ideas.

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                                                        Game speed X 2 = 400 teeth.

                                                        It would be awesome to escape poc in twenty minutes.

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                                                          all primary weapons have extended mags = 15 teeth

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                                                            1) Special Ammo transfers with purchase of new gun - 15 teeth

                                                            2) Explosives range and damage increase - 20 teeth

                                                            3) Boosters last 10 sec longer - 10 teeth

                                                            4) Extended mag attachment - 10 teeth

                                                            5) Start with a tactical - 25 teeth

                                                            6) Purchased weapons loaded with full ammo - 40 teeth