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    Can't move in using mouse, keyboard and xbox 360 controller

      Hello, i just bought Ghosts today and when i go on mulitplayer or even campaign i can't use my xbox 360 controller wirleess (official). None of the buttons hole.. for example if i try pick up a gun from the floor i can't hold X it only registers or even if i shoot it shoots one bullet and thats it. This means i cant aim down sight at all and i can't shoot properly. everything else movement etc works fine.Same problem with 2 different official xbox controllers


      If i try use keyboard and mouse which i dont like, my mouse doesnt move to look around it moves like a couple of millimeters in that direcetion as it its lagging and stops but when i go on the menue it works fine. I cant move either using WASD or arrow keys. I am so annoyed and confused. I am using a Razer Abyssus mouse and Razer Lycosa keyboard and they work fine and so does my xbox controllers on every other game.


      Please help me!

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