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    (360) Looking for a new home? Tired of random clans that keep popping up? Team Legacy - together for over 8 years, recruiting 21+ yrs old, skilled, loyal members

      • We are looking for players who have at least a 1.70+ K/D on their stats
      • Looking for strong players who can play as a team and know how to have fun.
      • 21 years and older only
      • Looking for members who are on a near daily basis and who will not randomly disappear
      • We focus highly on communication, so if you don't talk, don't bother to apply.
      • Only interested in dedicated and serious team players who are looking for a long term team.


      If you would like to tryout, please go to our website www.teamlegacyhq.com/recruitment and send in an application. We are a small, close knit team that has been around for over 8 years, who look for like minded individuals interested in joining a fun, friendly and close team.


      Please note our most common games we play are CORE DOM, Blitz, TDM, plus other objective games. We are a North America based clan and are only recruiting NA players. We are a casual competitive team who plays to win, but have no interest in competing on GB.

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