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    Why does W/L K/D matter so much?


      Someone answer this to me.


      I've been bashed countless times, saying I'm not good at this game, I should sell it. I should kill myself.

      Why can't people learn to enjoy the game with the people they're with instead of worrying about loosing. Who cares.


      This is what K/D / W/L means to me.


      Hello yes.

      I would like a #2 No pickle, No mustard, Heavy Ketchup, A medium Fry, and a Medium Dr. Pepper.

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          im with u bro, im not pro at thsi game,but sincerly i dont understand ppl that cares a LOT his/her ratio, also i dont care about it, normally they are children, just ignore or mute those kids that are crying for the ratio....

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            um cause the difference between my and your stats tells how much my "THING" is bigger then yours, i think

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              people are eliteists man. they think because their camping has a higher K/d that they are better then you and have more skill. when really it shows they have no skill. just because their numbers are better doesnt mean your a better player. personally i prefer to play with run and gunners cause lets face it anyone can lock down an area by staying staionary. lets see the same person win by blitzing. bet they cant. the ones that bother me are the people that camp with an LMG and a thermal and their defence is i was sniping. rigggggght. if your sniping your not useing an LMG. try a sniper rifle or a marksmans rifle. cause sniping doesnt mean spraying bullets in an area from a long distance to rack up kills. sniping is defined as:


              shoot at someone from a hiding place, especially accurately and at long range

              now the key here is the especially accurately part. 5 shots from an LMG isnt accurate. 1 maybe 2 tops. also ask any trained sniper they will tell you the golden rule when snipeing.

              "Never fire more then 2 shots from any given locate when not in a hide." and being you cant build hides in the game the point is made.

              btw man if your looking for some more like minded individuals get at us . www.metalgearsfcod.com

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                K/D by itself means nothing. The funny thing is those who talk a ton of crap often are the rage quitters and the dashboarders. Usually if someone talks crap to me in the lobby about my K/D, I like to give them a some "free samples", often they leave pretty quickly once I have air support up. Sometimes, I like to send them a nice message afterwards, they rarely ever respond or just back out the next time they see me.


                IMO, W/L and score per game are the two stats I would say I care about, as those are more representative of overall ability in the game. I could care less if my K/D takes a hit as long as we win.

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                  I strictly play for fun. For me winning is much more fun than losing, but losing is also part of the game and I take it in stride. What does irk are supposedly "play for fun" teammate that play foolishly to the point of almost getting killed on purpose as they run to the same place and get killed over and over.


                  The bottom line is that there's absolutely nothing wrong with being bad at the game, but playing foolishly in TEAM ORIENTED formats is selfish and inexcusable. It's not really easy for the rest of the team to make up for 5-29 stooge. To those players I say- "Slow down and give your teammates a chance".

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                    KD is pretty much worthless.  As with every other stat in the game it's easily manipulated.  However, for those that would rather judge someone based on stats then it's an indicator albeit a rather shallow one.  You really have to pair it up with average kills per game or SPM or something of that like to get a feel for the players abilities and lets not forget gamemode and the factoring of their W/L into the equation.  With so many things that have to be considered to even give KD a proper judgment, it's a wonder that anyone puts much stock in KDs value beyond the extremely low numbers.  W/L is more valuable but the number alone really doesn't say much about the player unless it's at the extreme ends.  A person with an extremely low W/L is going to be pretty useless as a teammate.  That is if winning is your goal.  A person with an extremely high W/L is going to likely be someone that plays in a party all time or in IW games plays Infected.  You won't know if they are a major contributor to the win or not based on their W/L but at the very least they aren't preventing their team from winning.  For a solo player the W/L is harder to read because they don't have any real say in the outcome of the game beyond their personal contribution.  To be a solo player and have a W/L in the 40 to 45% range, I find that those guys are often good teammates.  Solo players in the 45 to 50% range generally are the guys that can backpack their team to a win.  Again all stats can be manipulated.  So these are just general statements.


                    Now on to the other part of your question.  If you aren't enjoying the people that you are with win or lose then you are doing something wrong.  The whole point of a game is to have fun.  That's it.  Everything else is incidental.  If you start by having fun eventually the other stuff will work itself out even if you never find it to be important stuff.

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                      Well, you answered your own question as, at the end of the day, it only matters to those who think it matters. It is a video game and for the most part, the people who would bash you about your stats are anonymous strangers so why would their opinion count for anything? I think phxs72 nailed it and provide a clear and reasoned response which is very refreshing to read.

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                        It only matters in TDM and FFA

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                          Some people can enjoy the game even though they lose every game but I myself would rather win more than I lose. To me it's more fun. I can't see myself playing for 20+ days in the game and not improved since when I bought it. I would rather trade it in and try to find a game that I'm better at.

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                            These people that say k/d means nothing are logically wrong. In certain game modes K/D is the most important stat such as TDM, as if you have a positive K/D then by nature you kill more than you die, which is what you need to do to win. If you don't believe me, play a TDM with a team of negaitve K/D's and you are odds on to lose the game.

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                              Don't worry man, everything is okay. There just try hards K/D is just a number. Have fun with the game, don't listen to anyone you'll be okay.

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                                I don't see the point in K/D W/L but its handy info to have, i generally play with 3-5 others and we don't care about it. to me W/L and K/D is just icing on a cake

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                                  It only matters to the tryhards, like myself. However, I have only a 1.62 k/d and a 1.5 w/l but I have to say I hate playing with people above 2.0 in each category because they play selfishly, as in not going for caps and responding to callouts and they are more likely to dashboard. The kids I love to play dom with are the .750-1.5ish k/ds and idc about the win loss because those people are easier to work with and you know they will help you cap flags even when death is lurking, just like me. I had a 1.80 a time ago but I just cant stay away from the objective. My win loss during my highest k/d days was barely a 1.0. I was a try hard for k/d and I wasnt winning now I'm a tryhard for the objective and I find myself dying a little more, and winning A LOT more.

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                                    Let's break it down:

                                    #1) What are your reasons for using the online feature for this game?


                                    #2) If it's just for fun, then what's specifically fun about it?


                                    #3) If your fun have nothing to do with teamwork, then why would you play game modes that involves teams in it?


                                    #4) Could you not have your fun with modes such as Local Play, Lan Party, Squads and Extinction?


                                    #5) Or how about single player modes like the Gun Game, Free for All and Infected?


                                    #6) Like a game of Chess, those whom find fun in it, are trying to win. Those chess pieces are the players trying to work together to gain a victory over the others. So when you're playing a game that involves W/L's & K/D's ratio, why ask why does those things matter?

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                                      Both stats can be fairly meaningless.


                                      W/L ratio in particular punishes you for being a 'lone wolf'. Someone with a 2+ W/L who plays solo is probably a much better player than someone with twice that but won't play without 5/6 in a party. The problem with this game and probably pertains to most CODs is that: A team of 6 average players will usually beat a team with 2 brilliant players and 4 catastrophes. So not only is a solo player disadvantaged by the fact they don't have a full party to carry them every game but they are also handicapped by matchmaking, something in which a party will never suffer from. I solo and playing full parties is just tedious when you have to try and carry a team.


                                      K.D is a small indicator of ability but can be equally useless when taken out of context.


                                      Just play how you want to play and enjoy the game. Know your limitations and equip yourself accordingly.

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                                        If you're a casual player why are you so concerned about people who care about their stats? People will talk trash regardless it's online gaming, K/D and W/L are just easy targets. If stats are removed what is there to keep hardcore CoD players entertained after they have reached max prestige 3 months after the game's release? Why do I like stats? They are a CHALLENGE to keep people entertained when they have nothing else to play for. I'm fed up with seeing dozens of these posts every day targeting people who actually play win and enjoy doing it. To me losing or going super negative just isn't fun, but if other people enjoy playing that way more power to them.

                                        People should be able to play the game however they want to play it, regardless if they are a casual player just fooling around, or a CoD vet playing to win and raise his stats. You don't like playing with randoms? Go find some like minded friends. You don't like playing tryhards? Find a new lobby.

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                                            Its still this thing about trashing a person that they're better then. Why would they want to do it? Just today i got trashed for having a 1.2k/d by a team cause I was using the m27 or whatever it was and they were calling me a *** cause I was killing them. They're sending me messages on psn that aren't nice cause I said at least I don't cry when I die and I have a life outside the game. Can I get a console ban on them if they continue this harassment?


                                            People need to realize its a game, not a life.

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                                            Fair comment, but maybe we should expect more from the developers to keep us enthralled rather than a few tawdry challenges while we wait for the next wallet drain they produce.

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                                              I rather hear people trashing each other over related issues like K/D and W/L than unrelated issues like social or racial insults.

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                                                cause u have a jight kd you hav more kills so you are better idiot

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                                                  It only matters to those it matters to. If you can't handle the insults, mute them. I generally mute everyone right in the first match. I play as a solo in TDM HC 99% of the time and unless I happen to go in a party which is rare, then I have nice peaceful matches without all the stupid noises, music, insults, babies crying in the background, etc., etc. It's your game, play it the way YOU want to play! 

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                                                    It matters to people who actually take time to recognize their statistics. I'm sort of in that area. I don't want a horrible W/L and K/D, or I get a bunch of **** from the lobby. But my K/D and W/L are high, and I get recognized for it a lot.

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                                                      I don't care for K/D or W/L because I get stomped all the time. But I do like using it as a challenge to get better at the game. I don't camp because it's so frustrating and I just like to move around the map and get my kills. But to so many mostly young kids in COD community see it as the higher it is the better they are; even though most of them are campers. I ignore people who talk big on K/D because COD is just a game and at the end of the day you're gonna lose some and win some.

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                                                        There are so many clans and quitter in this game that none of the stats mean anything. If you play with a clan against solo randoms, the stats for those games don't mean anything. If you are a solo player that is dumped onto a team where 5 of the 6 players rage quit, the stats for those games don't mean anything.


                                                        I try to ignore my stats for those games, and only worry about the legitimate games where the teams have a fair share of clan members, and people that stay in the game.