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    Qscopers are scared to play Ghost

      As they know Quickscoping in Ghost actually takes a thing called skill as opposed to BlackOps 2 super Op Snipers.

      Just saying like it is.

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          Re: Qscopers are scared to play Ghost

          not really. i mean your traditional quickscopers that just play for the hell of it aren't really the best players in the world. lets be honest and then you have people that snipe for youtube purposes in which case BO2 is a lot more popular to watch that Ghosts so they do it for views. Ghosts was just a let down to be honest with you. the game is smooth but the fact that you can get shot by like three bullets and die with a regular gun from across the map yet when you use a sniper its always a hitmarker. i mean lets be honest that just takes the moral ******* highground

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