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    Next treyarch CoD (Supposed leak)

      I was scrolling through facebook today and came across a picture of what is apparently the cover for the next treyarch CoD, it said it was leaked on amazon as a placeholder.


      http://www.gamerheadlines.com/2014/07/rumor-call-of-duty-world-at-war-2-leaked-o n-amazon/


      My first thought was this is another false leak, then i thought about the ending to origins and the date it would have been when sam and richtofen are playing.. it definitely seemed like it was in the past, and the more i think about it the more believable it seems that they would go back to a WW era especially since Bo2, Ghosts and Advanced Warfare are all based in the future.


      Im in no way saying this is legit or that i believe it is, but it seems possible and i for one would be happy if it turned out to be true there is a lot of potential. Anyway just thought id share this with everyone feel free to leave a comment on what you think about this, or what you think the next treyarch CoD might actually be.