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    DefianceEsports™ Female Team! [XB1]

      Hello there! I'm Anguish the owner and leader of DefianceEsports™! After many conversations we thought having a female team would be a great idea and would show people on xbox that females can kick ass on cod! We are looking for female gamers that know callouts or are willing to learn, can play with a team, stay intouch with the whole clan, have a mic and can overall kick ass at cod! We are currently sponsored by Cinch Gaming and No Scope Glasses and are gathering more sponsors and along that we have a team twitter and a wonderful youtuber who is sponsored and is working with us to promote us! Our current management is: Anguish [LEADER] Xenos [Media Manager] Viper [Business Manager] and lastly Jodha [GB Team Manager]. If you are interested in joining please send a message containing the following message to either zAnguish, Viper77277 or aG Xenos on the Xbox one, "I have read the the bio and I would like to try out for aT's Female Div" and we will reply asap and try you out! Have a good day and thank you for reading! - Anguish