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    Strange Coincidence or...?

      Kind of a bizarre question, but why the hell does Youtube always recommend eerily similar "recommendations" to my real life events? I'm growing suspicious as to what that site knows about me.


      1. My uncle and I were having a conversation. He was talking about getting a 360 or a PS3 for some Ace Combat games. Later that day, I check youtube, and one of the "related videos" on a COD video was an Ace Combat gameplay video.


      Coincidence? I think not. Especially since no other Ace Combat vids were suggested ever again.


      2. Just today, I was comparing BO2's Orgins and Wolfenstein: The New Order in my head after seeing my friends playing it. BAM! 3 videos in the "watch it again" section on Youtube were BO2 Origins gameplay videos.


      Coincidence? I think not. (it didn't recommend any Origins videos before I hopped on CoD today)

      (if anything odd happens like this, I'll add it to the thread)


      While that whole text blockade was sarcastic in some sense, those two things actually happened, and tons more I can't remember. I'm looking for answers here.

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