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    SnD players needed :D

      Recently started getting back into Black Ops 2, a lot of friends no longer play the game which leads me to this post.


      I'm looking for good SnD players to play with. Of course since SnD is a team based playlist I'm looking for players that 1: Have mics and communicate. 2: Play the objective. By this I mean no trickshotters/ninja defusers. 3: Not back out or dashboard when they come across competition and are in a close game or lose. 4: Not be major d-bags and obnoxious when waiting in a lobby or loading screen.


      You don't need to be a machine or absolute animal at the game and if you meet these criteria (No.4 isn't necessary, but is preferred) and want a good and chill player to team with and just play SnD public matches message GT: x Lock oN


      In case anyone asks for stats. K:D - 2.69(24k in SnD)  W:L - 32.90(+5k in SnD)  SPM:151(+2.5K Plants) ......I know, OMG look at his stats. Stats don't mean a thing if you can't work together and pull out the W.


      "Teamwork makes the dream work" - Every sport's coach ever