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    Problems with app, 2 of the same profile

      I use the app, and I'm the commander of my clan.  Few months ago it kicked me from the clan, then I re joined the clan.  Upon re joining the clan there are now 2 of me in the clan.  My original self is still the clan commander and shows up as classified, while the new me who, under the exact same gamertag, is listed only as soldier and cannot make any changes to the clan or app.  This is a problem because our clan has been accepted into diamond division but I cannot accept the invite.  I emailed Activison and they said "this classified appearing is due to you linking your gamertag or sen id to a secondary cod account.  If you have an old cod account please try linking your gamertag back up to this old cod account.  You should then see your leadership restored"


      Has anyone encountered this problem?  How do I fix it?  Then only thing I can think of is I linked my account to the cod website.  Please help.