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      Join teams from around the globe in the second round of the Call of Duty Sunday Shootout league.

      Starting 9PM BST on July 6th: The World Clock Meeting Planner - Details

      Watch each Sunday over the next two weeks as six teams from around the Call of Duty community become one.

      This Sunday is the 2nd round of the tournament.

      Details of last Sundays qualifiers here Call of Duty Community #CODSundayShootOut league starts tonight

      ATVI Acas came first so are playing #CGN.

      I Play COD came second and are playing CoDHQ.

      ATVICloud and ATVIToki are playing each other.

      ATVI Acas, I Play COD and ATVICloud will be hosting private matches CGN style

      We will be playing 5 games: The 5 games are DOM, KC, TDM, S&R, DOM.

      1 point each game win.

      6 player teams on Xbox LIVE

      ATVI Acas, CGN, IPC, and CODHQ Start with 3 points, as they placed first, second, third, and fourth.

      ATVICloud and ATVIToki start with 2 points.

      Interested in participating, tweet the hashtag #CODSundayShootout to the team leader(s) of your choice listed below:

      For ATVI UK: ATVI Acas (ATVI_Acas) on Twitter

      For ATVI DACH: ATVI Cloud (ATVI_Cloud) on Twitter

      For ATVI FR: ATVI_Toki (ATVI_Toki) on Twitter

      For CoDHQ: OP Bare B (TLBareB) on Twitter

      For CGN UK: David Flannagan (FlannaganTW) on Twitter / Goggles (I_am_Goggles) on Twitter

      For IPlayCOD: THUMP ( Travis ) (THUMP3R_) on Twitter

      Although we expect everybody to tryhard, this is a fun and friendly event to introduce you to other people in the Global COD community, see you online!

      For all Ghosts updates follow @InfinityWard

      COD #CGN, For the community, by the community