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    Baseball talk

      Let's talk baseball. Who's your favorite team? What's you best baseball memory? Did you play as kid? I wanna hear some chatter.

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          ghamorra wrote:


          Let's talk baseball. Who's your favorite team? What's you best baseball memory? Did you play as kid? I wanna hear some chatter.

          favorite all time team


          Redsox's growing up in Cali, I was a HUGE Wade boggs fan,


          I played outfield most of my pee-wee experience.


          Best memory: the general feeling of hitting the ball well, was always a good feeling


          Now: I find baseball boring...........I use to LOVE it, but now its just blah. You know I live in MIAMI so I got to the Marlins games, and that is fun because I end up getting hammered with friends but the actual games are ------------------------------

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              Re: Baseball talk

              I have several Wade Boggs Autographed items, but my favorite is a Coors Light Bottle he signed for me after serving it to me. He was the bartender at a "Dine with the Devil Rays" event I attended for ALS research.


              I also had the privilege of being in Tropicana Field when he hit #3000.

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              Re: Baseball talk

              I played as a kid, but I was so flighty that, like with so many of my interests, I never really followed through to become as good as I could have been.


              I was a decent pitcher as I always had a good arm. I was never the biggest kid, in fact most times I was one of the smallest, but the one event I won on the regular on Field Day was the ball toss. I'd throw it farther than the biggest kids, and used to love how they reacted to that


              Growing up in Florida, we lived in the hotbed of Spring Training. My folks used to take me out of school early to see Toronto Blue Jays and Philadelphia Phillies games, both of whom trained near us. Was always cool to get high fives and autographs from the players. The Yankees trained in Tampa, close by, so got to see some fun games in their stadium, which is a great little replica of Yankee Stadium, including a memorable night in which Willie Nelson sang the National Anthem.


              One of my baseball highlights was getting to throw out a First Pitch at a Dunedin Blue Jays game. I was running a summer camp at the time, and the kids were going to sing the National Anthem and I was asked to throw the First Pitch. Small crowd, small stadium, but big thrill. For the record, I threw a nice Strike right over the plate.


              My family had season passes to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for the first several seasons that we shared with other families, so we went to a lot of games and I have always loved going to the ballpark. Got to attend some playoff games and loved the excitement. Baseball on TV doesn't do much for me, but I do enjoy listening on the radio from time to time.


              I think I really came to appreciate the game when I started coaching. I was teaching at the time, and a guy I worked with was coaching the Middle School Softball team and needed a hand, so I worked with him as an Assistant for a year(I also became the PA Announcer for the Varsity squad that year, a lot of fun). He left to become a Realtor, so I fell into the role of Head Coach and for the first time really had to learn the ins and outs of the game. Strategy, etc. Really helped me develop a love for the game again, and we had a lot of success, winning the championship like 5 years in a row. One highlight of my coaching career was Fred McGriff (The Crime Dog), wandering over to our practice fields one day and working with the girls. His son, Erick, was on the Boy's baseball team and he had been watching practice. He came over and gave some tips and I was just starstruck the entire time.


              And it wouldn't be TeH oT if I didn't put a funny gif in...

              yankee stadium brawl baseball fan gifs

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                Re: Baseball talk

                My favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees. I was born in new york and lived their from birth until I was 14. Then I moved to Florida but I still follow the Yankees and the Knicks as well.

                I still play baseball at the park with family and sometimes I'll play with some friends.

                My favorite baseball memory that I have is when Mariano Rivera signed a baseball for me during a game right before he started warming up in the 8th inning. I went to a Yankees vs rays game in tropicana field and I had seats right behind the visitors bullpen in left field.

                I was sitting in a section that was like a party section. I think it was called the beach party seats or something like that, they give you free food and drinks. I was able to get the seats because my dad's job was giving the employees tickets in that section for free. Anyway during the top of the 8th I noticed jobs chamberlain and Mariano talking to some girls that we're sitting pretty close to them. Then I saw that one girl asked Mariano if he could sign a ball for her and he did. After I saw that I thought it would be a good idea if I ask him to sign the ball that I had with me. I was kind of scared to go up to ask him since it was in the middle of a game and I just didn't want to bother him. I went to the game with about 6 other family members and they kept telling me I should go and ask him to sign the ball since the worst he could say was no.

                So I got up got as close as I could which was about 1 foot away and I asked. He put his hand behind his back without really looking at me. I gave him the ball and a marker pen and he signed it with a perfect signature. This was about 2010 or 2011. I also got some great pictures of him warming up with the catcher in the bottom of the 8th. Out of all my baseball memories this is my favorite.

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                    Re: Baseball talk

                    Upload it to postimage.org and then copy and paste it from that site to here.

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                        Re: Baseball talk

                        Ok. If you cant see the image, let me know, and i will just post the link. Sorry I stopped posting on the forum a while ago and I'm not keen on how to post gifs and other images.

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                            Re: Baseball talk

                            If you didn't tell me who that was I'd never have been able to figure out the name. Why do baseball players make their name so impossible to read?

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                                Re: Baseball talk

                                Great Story about that.


                                Was at a Dine with the Devil Rays event one year with my folks. Great event to benefit ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease, my Grandfather passed from it and my mother was active in the ALS Association). Players were there acting as servers, they had a live and silent auction.


                                Anyways, as an early birthday surprise for me, my folks bid on an autographed Sammy Sosa baseball for me (before all the stuff came out about him, I have always been a Cubs fan in addition to my hometown Rays). They won the baseball and presented it to me. I was studying it, and the more I looked at it I didn't think it said Sammy Sosa. It looked like this-


                                Pretty illegible, and it was possible the "27" was really "21" with a flourish on the Seven. I was standing next to the Ray's catcher at the time, John Flaherty, so I handed him the ball and asked what he thought. He passed it around the players, and finally the late Joe Kennedy, a pitcher, said "No way that is Sammy Sosa. That is Vlad Guerrero."


                                I spoke with the charity coordinator, and she said if I could prove it they would do what they could to set it right. So I went home and found Vlad's signature online and was able to show her that it matched my baseball exactly.


                                A few weeks later, Veronica McGriff, Fred McGriff's lovely wife, hand delivered me an autographed Sammy Sosa ball straight from her husband, who was playing with the Cubs at the time.



                                So, as a happy accident, I ended up with 2 potential Hall of Famer's autographs instead of one.

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