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    UK Players > Most USA Players. That's right, I said it.

      You read this right, 75% UK players I randomly run into are better than USA players. They understand the concept of a team game and complain less about what team support item they need to do to benefit the team. Also, to be perfectly honest they are usually not the typical @$*hole teenager and are fun to play with. Yes, I know there are some good USA players and I have added them from this forum before people make a comment about being good and American. I love being an American/Texan but hate playing with kids, teenagers, and occasional adult from here that are just dumb and arrogant, sadly it happens 3/4 games. I play really odd hours and run across a decent amount of UK lobbies, and when I party up with my friends from UK and players in there are usually better skilled, team players, doing call outs of attachments found, and at just being a good team member. Thanks for making the game fun UK members gotta shout out NOT YOU and VULTURE. I expect a lot of people will respond differently but it is the truth. Now do something about it, be a better team player my fellow Americans. Seriously.