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    Beat strike package

      What is the best item in the strike package part of your loadout. I know people who live by the IMS sentry or vulture but also others who will only use the MAAWS to get kills. Personally i like the sentry the best but the vulture im starting to like more. So what are everyone elses opinions?

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          Re: Beat strike package

          I am really a Solo only player and just got my first Escape on any map playing Point of Contact with two friends. I have yet to really find a place to make the MAAWS effective, as I have only tested it out on Mayday playing Solo, which is probably not the best map to be testing the MAAWS.

          I have just purchased all of the I.M.S. upgrades from the armory and it was not as helpful as I thought it would be. Yes, it is cheap but with the lingering flaming pools, you can accidentally down yourself and end the game.

          I had always played with sentries as a Solo player, but I find they are expensive for how long they last depending on what difficulty and relics.

          I just got my first escape using this set up during a 3 player match on P.O.C:

          Weapon Specialist (with upgrade)


          Upgraded Incendiary Ammo

          I used Feral Instincts, but would have been more comfortable with armor and letting someone else use Feral.

          I ran a Vulture for my Strike Package and so did another teammate and it worked wonders. Two fully upgraded Vultures and one player with fully upgraded Grenade Turrets and Sentries got us a Gold finish.

          I used the Riot Shield, which has come highly recommended by others and I must say it saved me on multiple occasions. My teammates both used Grenade Turret's.

          I am totally going to test the MAAWS out on some maps other than Mayday, It seems like it would work decent on Awakening.

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            Re: Beat strike package

            Depends on the map for me.


            POC - Vulture

            Nightfall - IMS

            Mayday - MAAWs / IMS / Vulture (depends on my mood, I guess)

            Awakening - IMS / Vulture



            In solo, I obviously use Sentry Gun.

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              Re: Beat strike package

              I mainly roll with the Vulture, it suits my playstyle better. I don't stay in one place for very long lol..

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                Re: Beat strike package

                I prefer the vulture in coop games as the aliens can not attack it and with it fully upgraded it can do some serious damage.


                Solo play it will always be sentry gun

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                  Re: Beat strike package

                  IMS for everything and sentry guns for solo only if im running relics. Mortars if you like to annoy people, the screen shake can piss anyone off

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                    Re: Beat strike package

                    I use vulture and sometimes ims

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                      Re: Beat strike package

                      Honestly, I like running the No Machines relic now; I prefer running and gunning and I see no use for the Equalizer on Awakening. And since I like dropping armor and ammo, I rarely have enough cash for a sentry gun. Finally, my teammates all use IMS with fire pools so I don't need to drop more IMS creating more fire pools.


                      So I just do no machines.

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