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    "Preferred Weapon" maybe not so accurate...

      Within the Multiplayer lobbies, you have access to the personal info/stats menu for each player (The one that displays KD/WL/Time played...


      This menu has a tab which displays the "Preferred Weapon" of the specific player.  This option displays the weapon that the player has used to net the most kills total across the entire span of the game.  My preferred weapon is the Honey Badger, with more than double the number of kills the second most used weapon has.  Here's the thing... I haven't used the Honey Badger more than once in the last couple if months.  I used it almost exclusively when the game released, which allowed me to net the large amount of kills I have with it.


      The Honey Badger, statistically, will probably never get knocked out of the preferred weapon slot.  However, it is by no means my preferred weapon anymore.  I propose a few solutions...


      1. Change "Prefered Weapon" to "Best Weapon".

      2. Change the period of time in which this section pulls data from (Maybe stats within a month of time).


      Let me know if you want any of those changes, or if you would like things left as they are now.

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          Re: "Preferred Weapon" maybe not so accurate...

          Edit: Changed Title of Post from Preferred Weapon due to a perception issue.

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            Re: "Preferred Weapon" maybe not so accurate...

            That particular piece of info go disappear and I don't think I would notice it.  When I check individual weapons and my performance with them I do it thought the create a soldier and when I highlight the weapon hit the lb or the rb to switch from stats to comparison graphs .

            LIke me you have already stated your is showing a weapon that you haven't used in quite some time . I didn't count so I'm just going to use a number for the sake of using it let's say there are 25 primary weapons and you have 17 of them with 1000 or more kills then simply show 17 of 25 on the weapons line.

            Wouldn't bother me if they updated it or deleted it I never actually used that bit of data for anything except to say wow I haven't even used that in the past 3 months . May change my mind as I read more input though

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              Re: "Preferred Weapon" maybe not so accurate...

              Best / Preferred weapon kinda means the same thing, only difference I could maybe see, is the KD with a weapon being labelled as "best",

              Change the stats to monthly... I don't really think many will be in depth with gun stats, the way the developers are doing it now is good enough IMO ,

              I rarely use the Honey Badger, My preferred weapon is the Remington, but stats wise it's around the 1.94 mark , some others of mine are over 2 but thousands short of my Remmy, I would class this as Best /Preferred weapon without having to changed title

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                Re: "Preferred Weapon" maybe not so accurate...

                I like the topic but I don't know that I agree with the solution.


                IMO, the solution would be to make available player stats like we had between BO1 and MW3. Then you could look up the player and get the rest of the statistical story.

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                  Re: "Preferred Weapon" maybe not so accurate...

                  did it with black ops 2 zombies preffered weap was the bloody start pistol unless you high round a lot then it was AN 94 or ray gun etc

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