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    Random players and Awakening

      As a player on the PS3 system, I was thrilled to enjoy the release of Awakening along with the 2XP weekend.  I've played the map a few times and, with a lobby full of high ranking players with mics, was able to beat it with 2 relics (I've since reduced to my usual 1 relic). 


      Here's my issue though.  The lobby I got into was me getting lucky.  Many lobbies I join feature mid-low rank players with few escapes and no mics.  The farthest I've managed to get in such a lobby is obelisk 2.  Mostly, the issues stem from lack of communication as all teammates ignore the hive and activate all the rhinos and mammoths at the same time with limited ammo and no money or upgrades. 


      Is there any tips anyone can give me for when I'm playing without a mic in a lobby of random players so that I can find a little progress?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Re: Random players and Awakening

          In my opinion, you should camp the electric trap at the beginning of the map. If you're with greedy players, it will be your best friend when the inevitable Mammoths etc spawn. Lure them your way and jump back and forth over the trap and they will follow. You'll be in the money and not going down. Feel free to laugh at the other players at this point (I did.)


          The Ark is powerful, most definitely. Please do not raise your hopes on getting one with the kind of players you have described. Awakening is more than beatable without one. Don't put yourself in jeopardy to find one, as your 'team mates' won't have your back.


          Lower your expectations and forget all about achieving Completionist as well. For example, if there's a gun challenge, you'll be the only one who buys it. (Unless one of the other players has that particular type of gun already.) You'll have to play conservative. I'm not going to lie, it won't be a great experience for you.

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            Re: Random players and Awakening

            Use the water/electric trap. Other than that, try not to play with low ranking people. If they have escapes on other maps, then they're probably a better risk. I generally try to avoid playing with people that don't have a few escapes overall and will listen to some basic advice.

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              Re: Random players and Awakening

              My advice is to play with friends only, that way you will not have this problem. If none of your friends are online, do as I do, play solo

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