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    Are you a hack/cheat....my observations

      If you can answer yes to the following questions then maybe you are (based on definite hackers and cheats I have seen).


      1  Are you in a clan?


      2  Is your native language French or German?


      3  Do you rage at people who manage to kill you despite all your cheats?


      Just my observations folks

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          Re: Are you a hack/cheat....my observations

          No, you probably get a pass


          Just saying as at certain times of day with European clans they always know when to shoot despite the fact they could not possibly see you.


          Had one earlier and he went nuts when I managed to kill him.


          Made oi laugh

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              Re: Are you a hack/cheat....my observations

              I wanna start by saying I usually don't post but lately I have seen so many people cheating it's crazy. I don't know what they use or how they do it. At first I thought maybe these guys are just really good until I started watching the killcams. (I used to skip them to get right back in the action.)


              So far i have seen people unable to take damage at all. People who know exactly where you are w/o a SatCom/ Oracle etc. On Gun Game I was being killed without being shot and I thought maybe there was a lag until it happened on numerous occasions over 4 straight games with the same guy who of course won each game.Then there are the 1 shot kills with guns that takes numerous shots if you were to use the same load-out.


              Now I'm seeing like a red reticle type thing when I'm being killed, kind of how if they have vests and you shoot it's yellow but this is a red lock on. I'm assuming it's an aimbot, IDK. Anyway, I'm so frustrated and it seems to be happening more and more so now instead of getting pissed and smashing my controller i just shake my head and leave the game. I HATE CHEATERS!


              Unless there is a Zombies only or Extinction only type game, I doubt I'll get another COD.

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