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    I got banned for no reason today. somebody knows how to contact Activision? At this moment I have only automatic reply...

      Got banned without any reason. It seems that support is orgnasized to give automatic reply and to consider you as a cheater by default. I see on forum that I am not the first one in that case.

      I am playing COD since first version, we are suffering of lags since Ghost, suffering of cheaters from the beginning and now considered as cheaters randomly. It seems that Activision have no more respect for their customers. I have never cheat in a game in my life and I am very disappointed to be considered as a cheater! This is the last time I will buy and play an Activision game. I will try to contact Activision by phone by tomorrow (if possible because they seems to be organized to avoid direct contact with their customers).

      Trying to solve this issue or at least trying to get my money back. Why not a class action?

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