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    Remove The Map Free Fall

      I can not stand the map "Free Fall" on this game, I think it should be removed from the game. Some reasons why I think that the map, "Free Fall" should be deleted is because, after every few minutes the map starts to shake as a building is falling. That is very distracting and gets me killed, and a lot of other players killed in a lot of gun fights. Two, the map has too many spots where "campers" can sit for the entire game and not get killed. There is a tunnel on the side of the right side of the map (if you are looking of the radar) that 3 people can just control the entire game. They can sit in there and never leave the tunnel and never get killed. This is causing for higher strike packages, such as Helo Pilot, Juggernaut, Odin, etc. Also the map is extremely small compared to all the other maps within the game. This is causing spawns to be flipped, causing spawn trapping. There is one last reason for all of this and that is, all the cover spots you get. This is on here because If I were to run out of my spawn and run into another player, they could easily run to the right or left to get out of the way of my bullets and kill me without a chance. This is why I believe that the map,"Free Fall" should be removed from within the game. Thank you for your time.