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    HELP! Lost my DLC content....

      When I purchase my copy of Call Of Duty Ghost it came with the season pass for the map packs.  I also bought a few micro dlc stuff which are the Wolf skin, Extra Slots, and Announcer Voices.  I went on today to play some Call of Duty Ghost and find that everything I download seems to be gone except the Wolf Skin. I can not play the new map pack Invasion, or access the extra slots or announcer voices.  It seems to take me to the Playstation store which says I have already purchase it and can not redownload them at all.  What is going on?


      Scott from Syracuse NY

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          Re: HELP! Lost my DLC content....

          Is this for PS3 or PS4?

          If this is for PS4, try the following steps:

          - Go to settings then under PSN form there, go choose PS4 as primary console then go back again to PSN then choose Restore Licenses then reboot your console then check for the contents once more

          If for PS3, try the following:

          - Under PSN network, go to Account Management then System Activation then choose PS3 system then choose Game then select Activate then reboot your console.


          Hope this helps.

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            Re: HELP! Lost my DLC content....

            Are you receiving any error message when trying to re-download the DLCs or is it asking you to pay for it again? What you can do is make sure that you are on the account you used to purchase the DLCs and try what Crinkzkull08 said. If this still does not work try to download the DLCs again under https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/#!/

            Log in to your PSN account and check the Purchase and Download Lists for the missing DLCs.


            Hope this will work.

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                Re: HELP! Lost my DLC content....

                I'm trying to sign into that site so I can follow the steps you recommended to Scott (restoring licenses did nothing for me), yet it constantly tells me my email/password combo is wrong.


                Yet I can sign into https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/#!/en-us/home/games just fine, and from there I can see everything I've downloaded for Ghosts in the past. I just can't redownload anything :s

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                    Re: HELP! Lost my DLC content....

                    Wait, now I can't even sign into that website. My sign in info is correct and I've tried signing in about 20 times, only succeeding once (and not at all on that other site you provided). I even tried changing my password; that didn't work either.


                    Getting so fu¢king wound up with this now...I don't understand why half of my DLC would disappear in the first place, or why restoring licenses does nothing despite my account information showing everything that's currently missing as already purchased. Now I can't even use the solution you kindly provided because the Sony website is telling me my account doesn't exist, despite me being able to sign in on the other link before

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                    Re: HELP! Lost my DLC content....

                    And now I've just managed to sign in. With the same sign in details.


                    I don't even know anymore.

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                      Re: HELP! Lost my DLC content....

                      Anyway, sorry for the spam but I've found the download list now. When I search manually for Ghosts' add ons, two of my past micro DLC downloads show as purchased (Snoop VO and 1987 camo) but the two that I bought before and are now locked on my PS4 (Circuit camo and Extra Loadouts) show a download prompt. However, the download list gives me a prompt to redownload both to my PS4 so hopefully that'll work.


                      Regardless of whether or not it works, thank you! Because this is the most progress I've made in weeks lol

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                          Re: HELP! Lost my DLC content....

                          It works...I have my stuff back. Thank you so much I like how I can push downloads from the site on my phone browser straight to my PS4 as soon as I turn it on! Hopefully I won't have any more issues like this with DLC but I'm gonna write this down for future reference anyway lol, and hopefully I can help others facing the same problems by sharing this info.


                          Thanks again!

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