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    ARs, or SMGs?

      Now, I'm really late. SMGs are the dominant weapon in BO2, but then the top OP ones like MSMC and PDW got nerferd back in 2012/13 lol. I was wondering if they're still better than ARs, since I haven't found anything saying SMGs are still better than ARs after the patch. All I've noticed after the patch was a little extra kick to SMGs.

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          Re: ARs, or SMGs?

          Really late to this. This is an overall tricky question seeing as both categories have strong contenders even after buffs/debuffs.


          ARs- FAL, AN94, M8A1

          SMGs- MSMC, Skorpion EVO, Peacekeeper


          Honestly in my personal opinion i feel they are tied 3-3. All depends on what gametypes you play and what your preferred playstyle is.


          Since I'm and SnD player and prefer mid-long range battles I go AR

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