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    this is how the best call of duty game would be my idea

      ok so this cod game would be called cod ghost ops and it would be where you plays as price and it takes place in year 25700 jusst to let you know and everyone is in mechs and the mechs have differents kinds of weapons like sniper rifle enchanmetntsd and grenade and michine gun and the storyline would be about price finding his future decendent cause he needs him for help with learning how to use the mech and at the begining of the game you dont know how to use the mech so price as to go shooting his way through here are to levels


      single playa campain


      1. this is the first lvel where price wakes up from cryosleepf cause some of shepard remenants (you may have killed shepard but his army is still left over and you have to finish them) attack him and turn it off by mistake on this level you start off with a pistol and then pick a sniper rifle off a dead guy and you have to scope your way thrugh to the exit


      2. on this level you have to scope through a valley outside of the place you came out of and this is when you found out about mechs and you have to steal one but then you crash it into a building because you dont now how to drive it and get nocked out


      3. you wake up and decide you need to learn how to use the mech so you try to find one of your decendants in the futuere to ask hinmm how to drive so you find out your decendant lives in a city so you scope your way through the city to  his house and then it turns ohes been killed by the shepard army remenants and you have to go found out how to use a mech from a holotape you find on his corpse aftewr you kill the shepard remenants but this part isd hard cause they send copters and mechs afyert uou and you can shoot them with a missle and then you read the type and hop on a mech and then go to the shepard remnant base to finish off genarols shepards army base.


      4. you have to kill all the anti air turrents so you can call for air support to wipe out shepards base but the annti air turrents are gaurded by snipers and mechs so you have to kills them and then when you destrooy the anti air turrents you have to kill off everyone and destroy all the buildings


      5. this is the part where you kill shepards son who is getting away in a helicopter you fly up to him in a jet you stole from the base and then it crashes and you go flying in the helicopter and then you take out shepards sons men and then go to the cockpit and try to knife him but then he knocks you out of the helicpoter and you fall down and hit the ground but then he goes down to you to see if your still alive and you are dying and he talks to you and tells you how he wants revenge for you killing shepard and then one of your squad members comes and tries to kills shepards son but then shepards son turns around and shoots him and then he is about to shoot you and you pull out a gun and shoot him and then after that you think your going to die but then a helicopter shows up and rescues you and this is the end


      note that this campain does not have much levels cause it is long levels that take 3 to 5 hours each


      multiplaya campain


      you die in one shot and the guns have less recoil and your health takes faster to heal then other cod

      in this cod there are 20 machine guns and 20 snipers and 10 shotguns here they are some of them and there are mechs which can take up to a 1000 shots and there are no pistols cause you can have 2 normal weapons at once


      machine guns

      ak 200. fires 5 bullets a second and is high on damage

      heavy gun. firse 10 bullets a second and does the highest damage of the machine guns

      mach gun. this is a cool gun cause you pick it off dead mechs it does firses 10 bullets a second and does medium damage


      sniper rifles

      50 cal. fires a one shot kill bullet that can go threw people but fires 1 bullet a second

      ak 250. fires 5 bullets a second and kills in one shot but does not go threw people

      heavy sniper. fires 1 bullet and a second and shoots threw walls and buildings and people to and has like a shotgun where it fires 6 bullets at once

      fire sniper. same stats as 50 cal except shoots fire



      blaster. fires 1 bullet a second and kills in a shot

      striker 47. fires 10 bullets a second and kills in a shot

      fire shotun. same as striker 47 but it shoots fire


      mech guns

      mech gun. fires 10 bullets a second and does high damage

      mech sniper twice as much as 50 caliburs

      mech shotgun does damage of shotguns


      here are the maps



      takes place in a jungle with a giant trumaloon you can bounce on it and shoot eacvh other best cod map ever



      take place in a urban envirment good for snipers



      a flat field also good for sniping


      nuke town remade


      nuke town except with a sniper tower\


      that is all tell me your opinion on my idead

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