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    Kitchen Concoctions?

      Ok, so we're all gamers here. And we know that inevitably, gaming goes hand in hand with snacking (or in some cases gorging yourself to the point of explosion).


      So this weekend the wife was working, and I was off for the holiday weekend. Had some time to game and meager provisions in the house, as well as no desire to drive into town to get something to eat. Had a tasty but boring Chicken Salad Sandwich, but was still hungry so I decided to make one of my all time favorites... Peanut Butter and Banana on Wheat.


      In a moment of insanity... or extreme clarity and brilliance depending on how you look at it... I decided to add some chocolate syrup.


      Sandwich instantly went from Amazing to Super Duper Amazing.


      So I am wondering if anyone else has ever had a similar inspiration or discovery while puttering around the kitchen.


      You could positively influence someone elses' snacking with your contributions.