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    Joining Friend's Game


      How do you feel when a friend joins you mid-game? I will always send a message asking if I may join only bc I don;t wanna be "that guy" that joins at the worst time ever and mess up their game.

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          If your on my FL i don't care if you get a free escape

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            I do the same, because not only could you mess the flow of the game they may also be helping someone do a high relic run and I wouldn't want to be responsible for messing that up, I'd rather wait it out and get an invite

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              "My name's Retro and I'm a session joiner."


              *Small round of applause*


              "Thank you for sharing that with the group Retro."


              Yes, guilty as charged. I do session join friends. However, I don't join with 10 relics active unlike some on my FL (I need to have a clean up of those that do.) Extinction games can take some time to complete. Messages I send can't be read whilst it's all kicking off mid game. Some even have their notifications turned off. I have just sat like a plum watching their progress on the Xbox guide menu before. I like to think that if I do join a friends game, that I will be of use. I usually make a joke out of it. Most are happy to see me join. Of course, I would leave if asked but I don't think I ever have been. 

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                  There are a few decent players on my friends list, including yourself, who I'm quite happy to have join session in progress, personally I don't do it as I'm still not 100% sure when you lot are playing for fun or doing relic runs,  that's why I sit there twiddling my thumbs after sending messages

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                      I'd say that 95% of the time I'm playing for fun. Relic runs are usually set up as a custom game (2-3 players max sometimes.) You wouldn't be able to join those anyway. Feel free to join otherwise!

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                          There have been a few occasions when someone has forgotten to turn off join session in progress (mentioning no names), so sending messages before hand as saved me ruining their game, but I will definitely bear that in mind for future reference and if you are doing something don't be afraid to tell me to bugger off and we'll play later

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                      If they didn't have an open invite to join and they do join at an inopportune time then they get to hear a few four letter words , If they then survive they also then owe some challenges. ( everyone on my friends list is over 21 so no child's ears were harmed ) 

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                        From my Experience: Proper Etiquette for Joining Games in Progress

                        (Personally: I don't join games in progress with relics on)


                        Immediately upon entering the game:


                        1.) Ask question #1: Are you guys missing anything in your loadouts? Did the armor guy leave, Feral, etc. If you don't have what they need, just quit out, change your loadout and rejoin.

                        2.) Ask question #2: What should I put my skill points into first? No use leveling up ammo if someone already did, but if the ammo guy just left the game... Everyone will be happy you joined and even happier that you asked before spending all your skill points.

                        3.) Most importantly... Don't suck.

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                          I'll admit that I am a gamer snob on this subject.  If you are a strong player; you are welcomed to join any of my games at any point.  If the slot is opened you can just jump in and I'll drop money for you to purchase a weapon.


                          But if you're just an 'average' or lower player I prefer that you ask first.

                          Weaker players will kill you if they join towards the end of the game.  It is not only the player joining that impacts the results; it also has a lot to do with 'who' I am playing.  I have many lower skilled players on my friends list that i enjoy playing with.

                          If we're barely surviving when a new player joins; that new player needs to be very strong to help us catch up.


                          Asking first is respect

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                            This for me all depends. If it's just a regular game, just messing around, going for a simple escape on any map, then I am all for someone joining. It happens a lot. Which I am cool with. However, if it's a relic run for someone (be it me, a friend, or a friend of a friend) then I really don't like it. I would simply say "Hey, we're just doing a relic run for [name], leave please". Most times that's good enough, they understand and will say something like "Oh ok, no problem, can I join you after?, to which I say "yeah sure".


                            However yesterday, I had 3 different people join a game we were in. There was 3 of us doing a relic run for someone and we had a perfect little setup of who was doing what etc. The first person who joined was in a PARTY CHAT. That was annoying as hell. So I had to message him to ask/tell him to leave. He was cool about it, just sort of bobbed up and down in front of me in recognition, and then left.


                            The second person was kind of similar, in the sense he was ok with it and simply left. The third person... wow. By this point we were all annoyed that a THIRD person had joined the ONE game. So we were all "leave please", and he was "why?", so we tried saying "we're doing a relic run" and he was "I'll help". So we just kept saying "leave" over and over, because he would not leave!!! None of us are ******** or anything, but keeping in mind he was the third person for that one game, he also joined at the valves (Mayday), and not only that, the game was HARDCORE, not regular.



                            I know that neither of those 3 who did join, would be decent enough to help us. I'm not being mean or snobby or whatever else, but they weren't/aren't at that kind of level, and especially that level to support a relic run. I genuinely wouldn't have even trusted any of the 3 on a regular high relic run.


                            I'm sure plenty of people here would have done the same or felt the same after 3 different people had joined. Or, I am sure you know who on your list can or can't help with a high run (be it regular or hardcore). It's not being mean at all (I have plenty of people on my friends who know themselves they aren't good enough to do high relic runs - not saying I am great or brilliant, but compared to those 3 who joined, I am). It'd just mess stuff up so badly. All it'd take is for them to go down once, or to run off from everyone else or god only knows what else.



                            I know it was kind of our fault for not setting the correct settings for "game setup", but to be fair I thought the leader/host had. He normally does, so for once I didn't ask him, cos he usually says "how stupid do you think I am? Of course I will set it" lol.

                            I may come across as a bit of a snob or.... I dunno, from this post, but hopefully many of you understand, and that it's not me being a douche, or snob etc

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                              I've joined uninvited recently because for some reason, the invite system doesn't work for me anymore (PS4) so I'm stuck never being able to play with friends. So the only way for me is to join session (even joining a pre-game lobby will kick me out).


                              Today I found a workaround (pressing the friend's name and clicking "View Profile" and joining from there) but yeah, I hope I didn't ruin anyone's games. Actually I know I didn't; games that I have joined, we have always completed.