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    Do you care about age or gender?


      This may be a stupid question, but I really don't think it is. I really think some people do care about age and/or gender (for both Extinction and MP). I can totally understand people not wanting to play with little kids, or little kids playing with older people - I can see how that is weird and strange.


      For me, so long as you're not singing or shouting, and you can listen to advice from people (or give it well, and not in a bossy manner), then I do not care of your age or gender. I never ask people if they are male or female, or how old they are. If someone was acting too immature, to the point of I didn't want to play with them cos the game was not fun etc. I wouldn't ask how old they were, I'd simply assume and just back out.



      So, do you have any age or gender (or other similar) requirements for people that you play with?

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          Gender: Absolutely not. Anyone is welcome.


          Age: It's not so much the age as the maturity level. I've met many players who are self-proclaimed U18 players who have been fantastic people to play and chat with. I've also met my fair share of +18 players who have had a level of maturity comparable to that of a young child. The other day, I got into a lobby with a gut claiming to be +18, but he said my name literally 5 times in 2 sentences. Not Mature...

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            I don't care as long as they can kill aliens/people as the case may be.


            That being said, I haven't played extinction with a female that has done very well (as far as I know). I know they exist, but I haven't met them.


            Age-wise, I feel a lot like Gram. Maturity isn't completely parallel to age. I was very mature for my age due to a lot of **** that happened in my childhood that forced me to grow up. But in some areas I haven't grown in maturity since then


            I've played with some younger folks that are pretty good, I've played with some that aren't. As long as they don't talk the entire time/want to share their life story with me upon first meeting me, we'll generally play alright together.

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              TBH, I don't give a damn about who I play with, as long as they play the game properly. The majority of people on my friends list are younger than me and have shown me a trick or two when playing, I enjoy messing about and having fun, but I do like to complete the task in hand and as long as they're doing that, then I'm okay with it.

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                as long as there voice doesn't pierce my ears. ill play

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                  Even people who i thought must be atleast 18 when i asked them they say like 14,15,16 or so.Even little kids can sound older than they are but i don't mind playing with women most of the time they don't use mics anyway so you wouldn't know if it was one, i don't really like playing with little sqeeky kids as they do me head in,some are not that bad mind they actually listen unlike some adults do!!

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                    Gender: Makes no difference, as long as each is able to talk co-operatively with each other (there are quite a few shy people out there), then it's all good.

                    Age: As others have said, I would class it more as their 'maturity' and ability to co-operate and, most of all, BE NICE. I have 18+ and 18- people in my FL. Some are even only 12 years old and such, but they are mature, good players, and enjoy themselves when they play. They don't make it feel awkward, they just want to play the game as it was designed, to BE played.

                    Everyone on my FL I have huge respect for as gamers, whether they are male, female, voice hasn't cracked, or voice sounds like a trombone.

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                      I wont play with woman because there menstrual cycle attracts bears.

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                        Gender, not at all. But I have yet to meet a female extinction player.


                        Age though, it's different. If they have a mic, and they're communicating, it's usually alright if I have three experienced friends with me. I actually like it, it brings a refreshing, often humorous mood to the game when usually it's pretty silent.


                        But yeah, I agree playing with split screener 8 year olds who sound like they're just hogging older brother's PS4, I usually back out. Or I will back out on a kid when I'm not in the mood to corral and teach someone.

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                          if a kid can follow objectives, do the challenges and hasn't got a voice high enough that only dogs should hear then youre good to go.

                          like most of the other replies ive yet to come across a female player with her mic turned on.

                          they have to be out there maybe their all shy?

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                            Gender isn't an issue at all to me. I welcome a mix. In fact, I was playing with Tracy, Sarah and my friend Tequila the other night. The only person who had a problem with it was my wife lol! "You're playing with three girls?!" She was a little green eyed bless her. I keep trying to get her to play but that's another story.


                            Age can sometimes be an issue. I've played with a few stroppy random teenage lads before. I was running support for one on POC, and he started cussing me full on for being a Weapon Spec. There was an awkward silence and my left thumb hovered over the back button to leave the game. It was one of those moments that changes the entire mood. You can definitely relate to this. I was amazed that this lad, whom I had been buying Grenade Turrets for and protecting his ass, could be so rude. I barely spoke after that. He then started to cuss my friend Tequila for throwing support items down. You just couldn't make it up. We got him his escape. Post lobby, he announced that he had just had the best game of Extinction ever. I simply replied, "Can't say the same myself!" and ditched him.

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                              usually i don't mind about age or gender.

                              often my son's friends join my games , i have no problem for this as some of them are very decent players but they know that playing with me they constantly risk to be muted if they start to speach too much

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                                gender is not an issue for me. Age on the other hand i prefer to have people over 21 in my parties that is my personal choice- I cuss , I tell bad jokes, I use whiskey/scotch to help adjust my timing to the games and I do not wish to watch my language while playing which I would do it there happened to be a kid on there.. Personal choice its really that simple.

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                                  yea idont wnmat oplay with some stupid kid or a gurl gamer

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                                    I'm gonna be totally honest and if theres a girl in the lobby, I am more likely to play a couple of games. Age, I don't care as long as they aren't obnoxious and disrespectful. I used to sound like I was 6 when I was 14 so I don't really care about age that much. It's too easy to lie about.

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                                        Haha...same here for girls in the lobby.  Games always seem more team work orientated when girls are in the game, + just nice to hear a girls voice for a change.  I remember a game about a month ago, got put in to a game that had just started on Awakening with 3 girls.  While I didn't mind being in game with 3 girls, I was thinking to myself that I was really going to have to carry them.  Wrong!  1 girl was running 8 relics, another 4, and the last had 1.  I had no relics on so I did kind of carry in the kill dept, but they more than held their own especially considering they all had relics on.  We beat the game with a gold finish.   I was going to send them FR, but they informed me that they had a group of 6 girls they played with exclusively and they hardly ever let guys in to their games.  Thought it was pretty cool to see a group of girls so into Extinction....anyways...ramble ramble ramble

                                        Squeakers are another story....  

                                        Listen and Learn squeakers = Good

                                        Tell me everything you think you know about everything Squeakers = Next lobby

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                                          It's kinda cool that I get to be the girl in the lobby, although no one ever asks.


                                          Most of the time I get to be a 13 year old boy online don't ask don't tell right? lol I'm surprised that people are like dude you sound like your 13 but no one ever asks if I'm a girl. But idc I can hold my own just fine . I do play with a mic sometimes depends on how many people in the lobby have a mic tho. Haven't ran into any other girls that play extinction but I haven't jumped into a public match in awhile mostly been playing with friends or solo.


                                          I don't really care about age as long as you aren't being obnoxious I'm fine. 

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                                          Maturity is the only thing that matters.

                                          Gender has absolutely no impact on a player's ability however there is a 'cool' element to a girl gamer.  Like a girl driving a huge 4x4 truck.  I came across very few girl gamers but have have found no difference in their skills compared to guys.


                                          Use the voice modifier thing and I'm gone, no questions, just gone!  I ain't playing with chipmunks.

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                                            I don't care about age and or gender or nationality. I mean, if you can play the game and you can give me a good time playing the game, then by all means, stay on the lobby!

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                                              It doesn't bother me what age or gender they are as long as they play the game as it should be played and they communicate with the team and contribute to teamwork

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                                                Gender really doesn't matter. I rarely come across other female players. Most times I don't speak just to avoid the...oh your a girl comments, followed by cheesy pick up lines and the creepy inappropriate comments nobody should be saying.

                                                Age doesn't matter as long as they're not yelling into the mic and can co-op. Because it doesn't matter what age people are they can still be very annoying and rude.

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                                                  I usually never play with kids ( the ones that talk ) on Extinction. They've always proved failure to me, from not listening to advice or being generally annoying. Its nothing personal of course, but I just cant handle it. Gender? Gender doesnt have a affect on me whatsoever; guy or gal, it doesnt really matter. Race doesnt matter either.

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                                                    Yes if kids are barerly 7 like last night there was a kid who was pretty high prestige and he was barely 7. One guy asked him if he has permission to play or do he play with some other ones profile, so he told with hes baby voice its hes and he done all by himself to get to that level and on xbox live and xbx1 and blaa blaa blaa and fell off the cliff. So that guy who asked that question sayd im out of here and left and we others left too. It was really disturbing to listen to that baby voice. I know i could have mute him but no thanks

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                                                      Gender, no that's silly.


                                                      Age, absolutely... I'm foul mouthed when I'm playing and like to have a laugh with the people I'm playing with.. I'm in my 30's so I really only like to play with people who are over 18. Which realistically should be everyone (or is this a 16+ game?).


                                                      My experience with playing younger people they just end up staying very quiet throughout the game and not really joining in on the banter etc.

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                                                        I do not mind any gender, I know that there are some sharpshooting ladies out there that handle business! Age is not a requirement for myself, per se, but I would rather play a game with players that are more mature and not smack talking or trying to exploit glitches or anything. I have also played with older players who did nothing but glitch, so it occurs at all ages it seems. I would rather have someone that is willing to help the team more than I care about age or gender.

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                                                          Gender doesn't matter to me. The majority of randoms I find are male. Its usually nice to have another girl in the lobby to play with. Age on the other hand is something i'm torn between. A big part of me hates playing with young kids. I just don't have the patience to handle them. The other part of me feels bad, because I know that they have a hard time finding people to play with for that exact reason. I've been in lobbies where people automatically back out because of how I sound, so I try to keep that in mind when an obvious kid pops up. Of course that doesn't always work and comes back to bite me in the butt.