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    Monolithe Elite Strike Force clan recruiting.

      Hello everyone i am DanteSOS 666, that is my xbox gamertag, my controller is touchy so there iss a third 6 it was supposed to be 66. Anyways, do u wish to be the best and be in a clan that makes u the best? Well youve found it. The Monolithe Elite Strike Force (MESF) we are currently recruiting. It is run by myself and Deadknight285. Our goal is to have fun and be serious. Our requirements? No u do not have to be prestiged but you must be able to handle yourself in battle. We try to be serious but we also try to have fun. No shame in losing. Unlike other clans WE WILL LET U KEEP UR GAMER TAG. You only sport the mesf as your clan tag. If you wish to join contact DanteSOS 666 or deadknight 285. We will personally test you to see if you have what it takes.