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    Xbox 360 Clan

      My Xbox 360 username is HashtagBelieb and all I want to do is play competitive.I'm creating a clan calling "Wack". its cheesy but it took long to make up. We can also troll, pubstomp, snipe. I usually hate sniping though... REQUIREMENTS : 1. Hit puberty 2. 1k/d or higher. 3. can get a orbital vsat. 4.mic. that it HashtagBelieb

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          Re: Xbox 360 Clan

          Pretty nice pretty nice.



          The clan i'm in, we are a hardcore teamdeath match clan. If you ever wanna stop by and challenege us, may be a friendly clan battle, we have them all the time, then don't hesistate to challenege us.


          We're MVP1 & MVK1

          MvP1 signifing "Most Valuable player, 1, we're united as one"

          and the MVKI is for the kids division which are younger than 18 , but we still all play togeether.


          If you want to, message PlantanoPowerr, Jgamboa17, Bigbosslabellas, Tec ton. There are more but that's all i can name now without mispelling their username. Goodluck.

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              Re: Xbox 360 Clan

              I will have a clan war with you after I get more clan mates... unless we have a 4v4???? Message my xbox gamertag: HashtagBelieb and maybe on day we can be allies or something above those lines??? but i will call you up when we can, okay?

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