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    (XB1 & PS4) Pacific Gaming I Level 25 I Diamond Division I Red tags

      Pacific Gaming


      Clan Tag: [PGN]

      Clan Level: 25

      Website: npowned.net



      Pacific Gaming is a gaming community with a Level 25 Call of Duty clan that is currently in Diamond Division with Red Tags. We are looking for new players to join in our community.  We won every clan war except the first and last one.  We currently have 25 active xbox one members and we are looking to open up to PS 4 as well.



      Things we offer:

      • Diamond Division Clan
      • PC Gaming
      • Twitch.tv Experience
      • Competitive Play and Pub Stomping
      • Active Community
      • Future Competitions and Giveaways



      We do have a few requirements to apply to be a member of Pacific Gaming. They are as follows:

      • 1.3 K/D Ratio
      • 18+ Years Old
      • Must Have a Working Mic
      • North American Player

      Note: We will make special exceptions to the requirements on a case by case basis.



      We prefer that applicants be committed to Clan Wars success and that they do not settle for second or third place, we will win each Clan War we join. Our time slot is 7-11PM (Eastern Time).

      If you have any other questions regarding the community, the clan, or anything else, please reply to this message.