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    Dedicated servers gone

      It seem like while i was playing today i noticed the gameservers are gone. And before the doubt coming my way I stay in the Chicago area and havent seen a host migrations in months.  Today it seemed like i couldnt get into a game without atleast 2 migrations. Anyway I was wondering if anyone else noticed. I know these forums are kinda dead but lets get some feedback and a discussion going.

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          Re: Dedicated servers gone

          YO, thanks for bringing up this topic. me and a couple of friends were playing , all 5 of us were playing online hardcore team deathmatch, and every lobby we went into were practically, well, dead. We would join a lobby, and it'd get full and then all o a sudden it just wipes out everyone and takes you back to the homescreen. literally KICKING you off that lobby server. it took forever to get a game started then when it did , every now and then durinng the SAMe match there was 1 to 2 host migrations, half the people would get kicked out of the server game, then it would say connection error and it would completly stop the game.. my friends were tall talking about how maybe who knows I n a couple months maybe weeks by the looks I it, none of usel are gonna be playing this game no more because il be like a hacking realm, like mw2 and such,  every server and game we go to. I don't want this to appen. if they can do anything to fix this please do so.

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